What is going on in other Michigan Sports?

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As I went to school in a black hole era for UofM basketball, I have never really developed an affinity for watching the sport. That being said, I am sure there are some people here who have reports on some of the less covered sports. I was a wrestler(not in college, although I knew a lot of the guys on the team), so specifically, how is the wrestling team doing? I would also love to hear any reports on other teams, men's or women's.



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I was hoping for a more personal insight. I could go there for all things UofM athletic, and sometimes do, but I like the additional info presented here. You could post that reply or one linking www.espn.go.com for almost any generic board question. I was trying to bring a little something to the board other than, "hey man, did you hear about Kiffin?" or "I really hope Parker and Baxter sign. Has anyone heard anything?"


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i follow the wrestling team so i'll give you my two cents on them. basically they have taken this season and turned it into a year long practice session. they are redshirting kellen russell (2x big ten champ at 141 and 1x AA), eric grajales (top recruit in the nation last year) and dan yates (high school national champ). they have only won 3 duals this year and all have come against low level non-conference teams. they might not win a single big ten dual this year. MSU on Jan 29th is their best shot. That being said there have been a few bright spots. At 125 true freshman Sean Boyle has been getting better and better as the year has moved along. He could have taken a redshirt but wanted the mat time and it is looking like that was the right call. At 133 soph zac stevens has looked good as well. i saw him at the EMU open and the dual against Lehigh and he looks so much better than last year. At 174 Justin Zeerip seems like the jump up in weight classes is helping and at 197 Anthony Biondo is looking like a legit AA. Next year they will be a really good team, but this year is still fun to watch b/c seeing the young guys get better is cool.

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The woman's rowing team goes to Florida for a week, over the break between semesters, to train. Because, you know, it's warm down there. ONLY IT WASN'T, not this year. I don't think they lost anyone to frostbite, but it was ridiculously miserable down there for them.

Their season hasn't really started yet, but they're the team I follow most closely in the spring.

Uh, in other random things, Courtney Boylan (women's basketball) was in Bruegger's the other day and I was struck by two things: she is not tall (5'6"), and she is incredibly pretty. Aaaaand now I sound creepy and stalker-ish. But hey, you asked.


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Women's gymnastics won their first meet against Iowa and BGSU. My actual fried (not just facebook or stalking) Natalie won vault and floor in her first college meet, which was awesome.


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So we go every so often, when she has the time. This Saturday was one of those times, and we enjoyed ourselves. The gymnastics team is ranked #12 nationally entering the season, and they didn't have any trouble beating Iowa or BG.

I was very impressed by the performance of Natalie Beilstein, considering she is a freshman. It was an enjoyable event, although considerably subdued compared to to the typical UM athletic events I attend.


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The only way to describe my life lately involves jamming a certain species of sequoia tree up certain parts of my body sideways. If it wasn't for this, I'd be offering some insight on other sports.

And +1 mi_vandal. Always love when people can bring up the nonrevenue.