What is going on with Cali recruiting?

Submitted by iawolve on September 8th, 2010 at 2:44 PM

We seemed to have a considerable amount of activity there last year, but seems more quiet now. Is this a conscious decision based on our close ratio there last year to focus elsewhere or is it just the way recruiting is going this year? I know GERG was leading some of those pursuits last year due to his connections, but he is not a guy that seems to like to get very involved in that aspect of being a college coach. Assume Tom VH would have some input.


West Texas Blue

September 8th, 2010 at 2:50 PM ^

I don't expect too much focus over there in general.  The staff will primarily focus on the Midwest (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Penn) and the Southeast (mainly Florida).  Rich Rod's staff focused on these areas mainly during their time at WVU, so I expect the same here.  Even looking at remaining major targets, this seems to confirm this:

Zettel - MI

Walls - GA

Hart - Florida

Crawford - Florida

Bryant - IL

Jordan - OH

Frost - NC


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I can't imagine that we would have made a conscious decision to avoid Cali.  Once a pipeline exists, the general rule is that you mine it as long as you can. 


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We should have looked at making San Diego St. a 2 for 1 home and home.  I know there are a lot of Michigan alumni in So Cal and this style of play on the west coast is a natural fit. It is hard to get TV exposure out there until we become the main east coast game.

I imagine we'll be getting kids from that talent mecca state in the future, but maybe just not the 2011 class.


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Hawai'i's QBs shredded the Trojans secondary for 400 yards through the air. Three Hawai'i receivers had over 100 yards.

Sarkisian, Harbaugh, Erickson and C. Kelly and the rest have got to be licking their chops for their respective rematches with USC.

USC tackling was predictably awful and Kiffen remains defiant about including more hitting drills in practice.

BTW Michigan target, freshman TB Dillon Baxter, will apparently be unleashed for no reason at all (USC tailback depth remains ridiculous) on Virginia this weekend.

UCLA football is a trainwreck under Neuheisel, and SDSU is still trying to pick itself up off the floor from the Chuck Long years.

Yes, GERG and Rodriguez should get their asses out here to So Cal and hit the bricks for schools like Mission Viejo, Servite (Anaheim), Mater Dei (Santa Ana) and the SD area because otherwise these kids will head to Boise State, Oregon or say eff it and head to party school Arizona State.


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Wins will draw athletes from all around the country.  Once kids see that Michigan is back we're going to have a lot of top 5 classes.  Landing a guy like Dee Hart is paramount in bringing in more elite talent.  The way we dominated UConn definitely turned some heads in the right direction for us. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we land some solid recruits because of it.