What is gained by keeping Hoke until the end of the season?

Submitted by trueblueintexas on October 25th, 2014 at 6:12 PM
There are reasons why I believe it is in the best interest of the program to let Hoke go now. - it reaffirms the message Michigan strives for excellence and doesn't accept being mediocre. That is important to alumni, fans, and recruits who support the program. - it puts an end to Hoke's influence on the team. Hoke has bred a culture of mistakes and lack of attention to detail. It would be an opportunity to sow the seeds for better performance next year. I just see no benefit in keeping him around at this point. Does anyone have legitimate reasons as to why Michigan should keep him through the OSU game at this point?



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If you fire Hoke now just go ahead and cross any Harbaugh off your replacement list. That's a good enough reason not to humiliate Hoke right there.

Just let him finish out the season.


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If he fires Hoke now it woul be another failure on his part and clear evidence that he is doing a lousy job as AD. But if Hoke gets to six wins (distinct possibility) the team goes to a bowl game. Brandon dodges a bullet.

Firing Hoke today would be the final nail in Brandon's coffin.


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He gets to stay there to make sure all the star players who had potential get completely destroyed physically so they don't ever flourish playing for anyone else.... so it looks like a player problem instead of a player development problem. 




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If this were Colorado who's athletic department really struggles with funding I'd agree completely. Michigan is not only flush with money, but has multiple donors who can make that problem go away with the money in their couch cushions.

rob f

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But you are completely missing the point Freddie's making---Brandon is the one responsible for Hoke and his staff.  Cleaning house has to start at the very top: DB's very presense at Michigan will be a huge obstacle in conducting a coaching search.

Fredddie's got it right.


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algebraic topology was fake as fuck. i must have dreamed up all the all-nighters i spent working on those problem sets.

nuclear physics? fake as fuck. they gave me the grade just for showing up, right?

you probably think whatever you studied was hard. you don't know the meaning of the word.

rob f

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It was meant as a poke at your university in the aftermath of the academic scandal that you may have read about over this past week, not you personally.

As a olive branch to you, +1 for all the hard work you obviously had to do to earn your diploma.  It's unfortunate that those no-work fake classes which were used to falsely keep UNC athletes eligible reflect unjustly and badly on all legitimate UNC grads.


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1. Physicallity

2. GREAT practices

3. Competing

4. Even more great practices

5. Probably the finest practices in the history of practices

You would miss all that and probably some other stuff


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I have maintained this year that hoke should be fired as soon as michigan reaches 7 losses. But this has become unbearable. I see no gain by having him finish out the season.

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I don't see the point in keeping him here any longer. There is no way in hell he's here next year after the shitshow he has produced on the field. Beyond pathetic coaching has been demonstrated this season.

Champ Kind

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Nothing is gained by keeping him. Keeping him only causes fans to have their souls ripped apart because they want Michigan to win every game, but they also know losing is better for long term program health because it guarantees changes. If they made a change now, that inner dilemna would at least go away.


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This game is an example of why I want Harbaugh as coach.  The players are just going through the motions.  Hoke and the staff are clueless in preparation and clock management and now even motivation is in question with how unready the players look to start a game.

Also, Harbaugh wouldn't be afraid to speak his mind and mix it up with douchebags like Dantonio.  The sad thing is I think this team could play with MSU if they showed any heart.  I know the play calling isn't ideal, but the players just seem to be interested in getting back on the bus.  

Everyone is saying the right things but you can't tell me Hoke hasn't lost the team.


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It's not just that the coaches are clueless--I am so tired of hearing the bashing of the Michigan Man.  If Bo were on the sideline when Morris got drilled he would have given the officials the what for.  That's what a Michigan Man is all about. 

I'd love to have a coach who is an advocate for his players.  That begins with being involved with what is going on--like wearing a damn headset. 

snarling wolverine

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In recruiting, it helps to keep your class together.  It's preferable to have someone, even a lame duck, there to keep recruiting the players.  

This does not of course mean that you can't send feelers through back channels to potential targets to replace him.