What is this formation?

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Maybe I have not been that observant up until now, But I don't think I have ever seen a backfield formation like the offense is employing here. So anyone want to play "Name that formation"? Winner will get..... I don't know. My love... all of my love.



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The closest thing I could find so far was shotgun doubles flex wing. It does appear that I have been living under a rock, or at the very least have only been watching Michigan football for the past few years.

Mr. Owl

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Jimmy, tell me you are going to have a tight end that puts his hand in that ground on every snap. Tell me that you are going to have a fullback that lines directly behind the quarterback, and a halfback in the I-formation.

Yes, coach, we will have that.  And sometimes I'll have them both on the field at the same time with the quarterback in shotgun with an offset I-formation to the strong side, but the halfback will be my starting nickleback who is just a wow player.  And it would be cool if the tight end was named Butt.


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Unfortunately, I'm stuck listening to the streaming feed of many UM games (and Jim Brandstatter is getting worse by the week, if possible). Dan Dierdorf commented during yesterday's game on the bewildering number of formation variations that the Wolverines use. He's amazed that we don't get many illegal procedure penalties. Kudos to the offensive coaching staff for game prep.


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that he'll never be close to his recruit ranking. It would be much faster to list the things he's good at than bad at but his biggest issues are vision and balance/toughness. I've never seen such a large guy go down so easily. You touch him and he falls down. When you're not very fast you have to run very hard and he doesn't. I'm sure he's a good dude but he's not a very good HB. That's now very clear. Add him to the huge list of potential transfers despite personally hearing nothing alluding to it.

Avon Barksdale

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"And then Bo asked him, Jimmy Jimmy, do you have a fullback?" Yes, coach. We have a fullback. "Jimmy, Jimmy do you have a tight end?" Yes, coach we have a tight end.

*They both give a sly smirk*


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the interesting part of this particular formation is that the TE is not an eligible receiver but the LT is.

I don't know if that was purposeful but could that be something they will pull out later? A screen pass to Cole?


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I'm an assistant football coach at a small school in Arizona (8 man football) and, bizarrely enough, we have this exact formation in our playbook. We call it "Domino".

Mr. Yost

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Since there are some experts in this thread...I've had a burning question that I need to just let go, I know.

If Rudock takes that 4th down snap against MSU, waits, and throws the ball all the way down the field, it's intentional grounding.

But they don't get to keep the penalty, right? They have to decline to get the ball, right? Accept the penalty and it's 4th down again, right?