What exactly is Marcus Ray’s problem?

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I won’t link but apparently he is again ripping on Michigan on Rico Beards show. Is there a story to why he turned on UM? Does he share a bond with Rico because they are both overweight radio hacks now?



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If I had to guess, it's because Charles Woodson is UM legened...and Marcus is a fat ass radio analyst as the high point in his life? Just spit-balling...oh I guess he did play defense on Woodson's team.


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I claim no insider knowledge, but I wonder if Ray is part of the group of former players who felt like Hoke got a raw deal.  I know he was "their" coach.  It's a shame they cant embrace Harbaugh since hes a clear upgrade, but I think some of this goes back to Hoke.


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The 21 people who upvoted this, have no perspective... 

Harbaugh wanted to coach QBs for Lloyd, and Bo and Lloyd blocked it, and hired Loeffler instead, citing no experience. Harbaugh was miffed, and therein began the rift with Lloyd... he even tried to get the HC job at Michigan State...  can you imagine ???

And supposedly he would have came here from USD... instead he went to Stanford... not sure who thats on... was it Martin or Brandon ?  I think Martin...... 

So no, Rodriguez and Hoke had NO part in Harbaugh coaching here... he always wanted to be here.  

And whoever here wants to chime in and that he didn't want to leave Stanford for us.... well, maybe so I wouldn't blame him.. ditching one top college team for another ala RR, is bad form...


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Bill Martin should get credit for organizing a lot of the building and the Michigan stadium renovation. Martin was AD from 2000-2010. The Regents approved the $259 million (2016 dollars) renovation in 2007 - work started on 2008 (remember the brouhaha about moving graduation in 2008?). Opened and rededicated on Sept. 4, 2010. Give him credit for that - we got to use the stadium while it was being renovated - a very tricky task.

The exact hiring nuances and details probably won't come out until long after Harbaugh retires or when Jim Hackett retires - but Harbaugh was not coming back to work under Martin or Brandon, especially the latter who regularly imposed himself on coaching meetings with Hoke and his team. 


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The truth is you never know why things turn out the way the do.  There is no point in perseverating why things happened the way they did as they cannot be changed, and there is no point predicting the future because it cannot be done and trying to removes you from being present in the here and now.  All one can do is assume is things turned out just as intended, accept your present situation, make the best of how things are, and hope that it leads to a bright future.


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Maybe we needed richrod and hoke to creat enough separation from Lloyd that then we had the universal consensus to throw everything at signing Harbaugh?  Also hoke being Lloyd's guy and then he didn't work out in the end might have also helped in terms of overcoming Carr's influence.


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Almost everyone wanted Harbaugh when Hoke was hired. The 49ers hired Harbaugh 5 days before Michigan hired Hoke. I think the time when there was less much consensus on Harbaugh was when Rich Rodriguez was hired in December of 2008.

At that moment in 2008, Harbaugh was in  his first year at Stanford and had most famously said some negative things about Michigan student athletes. At the time, Harbaugh was not very popular with the Michigan faithful.

Who knows, maybe Marcus Ray will have a similar redemption in the eyes of MGoBlog fans some day. I doubt it, but who knows. 

MnB in Nashvegas

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I've seen people reference this "10 year period". Can you help me understand what 10 year stretch you are talking about? I get seven years (3 with RichRod and 4 with Hoke). Are you including  2015 and 2016 where we went 10-3? Or are you including 2006 and 2007 where we went 20-6?

I just don't agree with the narrative that lumps 2015 and 2016 in with the prior seven.

Perkis-Size Me

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Hoke didn't get a raw deal. He got what he deserved. College football is a business, and the business was tanking under Hoke's watch. If he were still here, we'd be fighting for bowl eligibility, hoping we'd somehow beat the Marylands and Indianas of the world. And yes, we'd still be getting absolutely punk'd by MSU and OSU every single year. If that's the outlook that Marcus Ray wants for Michigan, then shame on Marcus Ray. 

I believe Hoke gave it his absolute best shot, and he never cheated this university out of a single day of work. But if Michigan was ever going to be a respectable program again, much less a national contender, Hoke had to go. 


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YES! Thank you. I never wanted to see Hoke fail, because I love Michigan. Unfortunately he did. The program didn't perform up to Michigan standards. I felt the same way with RichRod. 

Read Bacon's book. Gives great insight into the RR - to Hoke - to JMFH hiring. No way would Harbaugh coach under Brandon. He didn't feel the love and was smart enough to know the timing wasn't right to coach at his dream job...his manifest destiny job. 

Brandon's ego couldn't accept a Rock Star coach...and the funny thing is he thought he had Harbaugh right up to the time he took the 49ers gig!

Thank you Brandon for being so inept that you got us to where we are today. And thank you to Jim Hackett and others behind the scene who got us the best coach for Michigan.

Additionally - f off Marcus. We're sorry Hackett didn't hire Butch fucking Jones. Now go mix in a salad and do some cardio or something.