What does U Conn bowl win say about Mich.

Submitted by jimboblue on December 22nd, 2010 at 7:46 AM

U Conn. beats Oklahoma in their bowl and they will be celebrated as an up and coming team with a hot coach. While Michigan who handled them pretty easily has their coach fired. Guess if we were in the big east we would be undefeated. Maybe a healthy Denard like we had against them will make all the difference in our game.



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It's like a 17 point spread (I think).  I don't even want to know what the moneyline looks like for that..... -1000?  Is the moneyline even an option?

Of course you could bet on OU and the spread - but that sort of defeats the whole "OU has no chance of losing this game" because it then becomes "OU has no chance of winning by less than 18". 


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Oklahoma is gonna win this game by at least 3 touchdowns..  They stop toddman, they stop Uconn's offense.. Frazier is awful, he is probably one of the worst D1 QB's i have seen throw a ball this year.  Yes, i have watched several of their games and he has done nothing to show he is a capable QB..


This is not like when WVU won the big east and played OK, WVU was actually good and had an offense..  Uconn struggles to score more than 2 offensive TD's a game.


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Tough start on the day for you. A little advice, maybe unless you have you know, something of good substance to say it may just be better to say nothing at all. Maybe you need to spend some time coming off the bench. Your 2 week and 4 day membership status shows me that maybe you just arent ready for the starting line up quite yet.


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I would be among a sizable contingent of folks with Bruno-esque surprised faces if UConn defeats, never mind "handles" Oklahoma.  That being said, if they do win, it probably says more about UConn than Michigan.  It says that they made a lot of progress from Sept. 4 to now.  They did not play like a particularly strong team on that day.  Although I could be wrong, I would surmise that they'll have to play like a remarkably good team to come away with a win against the Sooners.


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Nothing at all. A Michigan win is the only thing that matters. Now what hypothetical conference will we be up against in your next post? Oregon in the Big 10 and now we are going undefeated in the Big East. My request is the new Big 12.


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It is not a birth right to start a post. Many people here post what ever breaking news is out there with in minutes. You on the other hand post stupid hypotheticals and hits that leave players motionless. So when I see a post from you I click on it just to see what stupid thought is running through your mind. I have yet to be let down.

Now I know you are thinking is it just me? Yes, it is. Many others I respond with a positive two cents and attempt to answer there question. In your race to 100 points try to see how others successfully pull it off. When you do I will respond with an honest answer.


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Here my impression of  dennis and the other people so concerned about their points....and thats a plus one to you sir.....why thank you and let me upvote you to..... like what you said there let me add a little something to your point total..... well how kind of you.... hey lets all neg the bad man he disagreed with magnus. You neg me -1000 don't really care ( neg what term who the hell came up with that?)


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No it isn't.  If that's what you really believe, then I feel bad for you. Most posters here with decent point totals (myself excluded) post cogent, well thought out theories and responses, that, or they have bikini avatars. And I disagree with Magnus all the frickin time, we have had several e-slapfights, I'm doing ok...


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While you were having a melt down I had to do some work. I have never gone after some one else's thread in this manner ever. Your thread by itself is no different from a 100 others, the reason I was negative was your previous comments in another thread that you had started.

You are right I am not going to start a thread because I don't have anything to add that needs that much attention. I reply to others and normally not the way I have to you. I know none of this well make sense to you but just wanted others to know I am typically not that big of a dick. Merry Christmas and a +1 to you jimbobblue

Blue Blue Blue

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jeez, I clicked on this thinking UConn must have just beaten Oklahoma.....not really paying attenttion to other bowl games.

but jim you are SO RIGHT.  negative snipers like Dennis contribute to the BS that concerns recruits........cant imagine that he has enough original thought to start a post on something that is not just whining.


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There it is, damn what took so long ? was waiting for one of the Mgoblog clique to come running to defend dennis. what time did you get the text that dennis was in trouble? Meeting at the usual spot tonight at 8. Code word to get in "I can't think for myself".