What does it take UM to make the NCAA Hockey Tournament?

Submitted by PF 34 on March 14th, 2010 at 5:25 PM

Hopefully Ohio State will help us tonight and knock off Miami, but if we don't win the CCHA tournament do we still have a shot at the NCAA tournament?



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I hope the MSU series wasn't an aberration and that this team has a full head of steam going into the semis. It would be less formidable if OSU knocks off Miami, but with the way we're playing right now, I'd be okay with it. Knock out the top dog first.


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UM is currently tied for #16 with MN-Duluth in the PairWise rankins. As you know 16 teams make the field, and most of them are in the top 16. However there are going to be two teams (Ala-Huntsville is one) and the Atlantic Hockey Champ (last year that was Air Force) will make the field and they are both outside the top 16. So, that means you need to be #14 or better to make the field. UM will get two games next weekend and both will be vs. Teams Under Consideration (TUC). I am not sure how the math would work, but it is possible (though probably not too likely) if UM splits they get in. A win over Miami (if they beat OSU tonight) would help since they are #2 right now. If OSU upsets Miami, Michigan will play Northern Michigan, otherwise it's Miami. I think if they have a "chance" if they split, but it will be very tight otherwise.

The Team is playing its best hockey right now - so that is huge. I actully think Hogies injury has the team playing smarter and more defensive, which is helping trastically...Let's hope they make it easy on us and win the CCHA!

Go Blue!

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with major injuries playing well and sometimes it does feel as if the injury has inspired them but look back to 2002 when the Wings won the Cup. Yzerman played on a broken leg yet was still able to carry the Wings to a Cup championship despite his leg. Sometimes a major player's injury sparks momentum and confidence and can be a strength as strange as it may sound. Hunwick has been incredible and I agree when it comes to leaving him in net even if Hogan gets better. You always go with the player thats on a hot streak. Like Osgood replacing Hasek in 2008. Lead us to the Stanley Cup Championship.

Michigan has to keep winning though but just look at the streak they are on! 4 wins in a row for the maize and blue and the domination in the opposition's zone has been amazing and big names are stepping up like Loui, Hagelien, Wohlberg and of course Hunwick. This team is playing its best hockey of the year right now and right when they need it the most they are producing. Look out because this Michigan team has its eyes on prize and if Friday night and last night's game didn't prove that, then I don't know what else you can call it. Miami, Northern or who ever we play we'll give them a game! I'm psyched for the next round! Final Four in the Joe! It doesn't get anymore intense than the series coming up!


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it MIGHT be POSSIBLE to get in winning one at the Joe, but the number of things that would have to happen in order to would be less likely to happen than us winning the CCHA, so basically, we need to win the tournament. If Bemidji had won the CHA, there'd be a decent shot at an at-large with a split, but since they lost it would take a miracle. As it is now, we need to win probably 3 more comparisons by other teams having a poor end of season, which they may or may not have enough games to do, sometime later tonight when it becomes available I'll probably go bonkers with the PWR Predictor and figure out exactly what incredibly unlikely chain of events could get us into the tourney with a split, if there is one and I'll probably post on some thread somewhere with what it will take.

^That's the long technical answer

The short, easy one is no, as all these other fine people have mentioned.


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I think every scenario it might happen involves us beating Northern at the CCHA finals (third place game or semis). So either a Miami - Ferris title game or a Michigan - Ferris/OSU game. We need to win that comparison, break the tie with UM-D and then pass one other team somehow. To maybe get in as the last team.