What do you want to see out of the Wolverines football team

Submitted by B1G_Fan on October 5th, 2013 at 11:16 AM

 Realisticly, What do you want to see out of the Wolverines this weekend. The teams coming off a bye weeks with supposed major changes to the O-line (Bryant and Glaskow), RB (more carries for Green) , TE ( Funchess more on the outside and Butt Starting) and possible changes in the WR corp. What does the team have to do to ease the fan bases angst after the last few weeks.




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I want to see a 40-point margin, at least ten pancakes from the interior OL, two 100-yard receivers, Funk fired, +4 in turnover margin, 10 catches from Funchess, and 200 yards rushing from Green and Fitz.  Each.

The Wolf

October 5th, 2013 at 1:41 PM ^

I would really like to see Chesson continue to emerge and develop.  He has become more involved in the passing game over the past few weeks and he seems to be playing well on special teams (especially punt team).  Today, it would be great to see him establish himself as a credible threat on the outside.  Provide good targets (read: EASY) for Gardner to hit on a regular basis.  Become a bit of the "release valve" for Gardner that Gallon always seems to be.


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I'd like to see less or no turnovers. If we can protect the ball, we can start to work on discovering the identity of this offense. I'll take a 20 point margin of victory if it's paired with zero turnovers and keeping Minnesota under 17.


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I want to see the boys making big hits on defense, and swarming the ball.   Offensively I just want to see the o-line get push (obviously) but i want Devin Gardner to be quick and decisive.  Same for Fitz at RB, I want him to have and choose the right gaps.  I want to see a back up RB emerge as well.

/Hangover rant over


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No turnovers, a balanced offense, a running game (preferrbly not running on 1st down especially in the first quarter), good push from the offensive line without sacrificing snapping quality from Miller, Green getting 15 carries, Norfleet breaking one, better punt/kick coverage, Clark/Ojemudia getting consistent pass rush, a receiver not named Gallon getting catches.


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Basically everything you said mimics my thoughts - would add some Wormley action in there along with Clark and Mario.   Not lookin for miracles but a 4+ yard per rush against an inferior opponent should not be asking much.  And protect that damn football Devin.


October 5th, 2013 at 11:34 AM ^

Cohesion on offense, no more breakdowns in blocking.  Gardner being more protective of the ball;  better playcalling on first down, we're getting predictable there.

Tight Ends blocking better...

And Michigan carrying off the jug again.



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If I were to answer, the major things would be a mitigation of the turnovers, a little more cohesion up front on offense and as a bonus, a continued effort from the defense to bring pressure and make Minnesota's already relatively harmless passing attack (statistically anyway) even more so. 

Perkis-Size Me

October 5th, 2013 at 11:57 AM ^

I know these all won't necessarily happen, but they can all realistically happen:

-No turnovers. Or at least minimize them.

-O-Line finally getting some push.

-Devin, stop trying to play hero ball and always having to make a play. Stop that backward spin move that always gets you into trouble. Throw the ball away, and fergodsakes, just protect the football in general.


-Chesson getting more involved. He needs to emerge so everyone stops honing in on Gallon.


October 5th, 2013 at 12:08 PM ^

If they go out and dominate Minnesota and parlay that momentum into a good conference record, will it make the media think that Akron & Uconn > B1G?


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I want to see this team come out swinging offensively. By that, we cannot let teams put 8 in the box and not make them pay (at least mentally, if unsuccessful) in the passing game. Any WR if average ability should beat one on one coverage the vast majority of the time. The coaches have to get Gardner back to the Gardner we saw last year in that he trusted his WRs and not just Gallon. They load the box and you go into the game with preset passing audibles that Gardner can call. Overall, we cannot use Gardner like Denard. He should use his legs when ask breaks down like last year but this year he is being given too many QB runs by design our he stares down Gallon and if not open he runs around. He was beat up after that uconn game. Wobbly legged, etc. Crazy to say but we need last year's Gardner back lol. Further, if having trouble running, the staff needs to come out with some wide packages that utilize Dileo's slot ability, Chesson's deep ability and our very WR like TEs. I'm stunned we haven't seen more if it as we're more suited to run a psu/Patriots style offense than psu is but we don't. Power formations can still be used and not tip off the run as you can throw out of them just as much, same personnel minus a slot/TE. On defense I want to see a DB other than Countess play a consistent game and our first/second year front 7 guys show more improvement (as always). My main concern is our offense and it's seeming regression when we have the players to flat out mismatch this minny team and most others in this conference. We need the old Gardner back. We need Al to quit forcing what isn't working over what are mismatches we seem to ignore. Few LBs can hang with Dileo in the slot or Funchess on just about any route, especially drag routes our fly routes when the box is loaded. Not to even mention Gallon almost literally always basing his man if single covered. I just want this STAFF to see the obvious. Players run what is called. Give them a chance to succeed, Al. That's what I want because all I see is Denard ball right now and that will less us to losses. Guaranteed.


October 5th, 2013 at 12:11 PM ^

I have decided that a blowout would be a cliche.  I want the margin to be less than ten points. Let Ohio carry the label and the pressure of being the "unstoppable juggernaut;" I would rather see Michigan keep winning without impressing anyone.  That would allow Hoke to play the "no respect" card and make the top rung of teams overconfident when they play Michigan.  

Unless you buy players to the degree that an Ohio State, Alabama, USC or Oregon does, there is just a lot more leverage in being underrated.


October 5th, 2013 at 12:22 PM ^

ND is the only game so far where UM won the turnover battle. If this team can start to win that, there is no unwinnable game on the schedule. Minnesota is a great place to start.