What do you think lies in the future for Hoke?

Submitted by taistreetsmyhero on November 18th, 2014 at 1:29 PM

Assuming the inevitable happens after this season, where do you think Hoke will wind up in the coming years? He's already had his shot at his dream job, but do you think he will still have the fire/passion to coach again some place else? Will he settle into a DC position or DL position at a top school?



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As for Hoke, jobwise I don't know what the incentive is for him to be a coach somewhere else. He's at his dream job right now and if he loses it he'll have enough money that he doesn't have to work again.

I know he puts a lot of emphasis on helping mold young men, but maybe Michigan could give him an outlet for that through the AD at some point.


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Unless you have some sort of inside info I could just as easily state that he needs to stay to make a comfortable environment for a lot of people and quell factions in the AD.

Hoke shouldn't be meddling in the football program after he's gone but it would be a giant failure all around if he wants to stay involved at Michigan and is kicked to the curb.


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You think he has the chops to be a HC in the NFL? DL coach maybe.


Having said that, I think Hoke's passion for coaching revolves around being able to impact young players. By the time they get to the NFL they are kind of a finished product as far as moral fiber and molding into "young men" is concerned. I don't see him staying in the NFL as a DL coach long if that's the direction he goes in the short term. He's a college football coach at heart and will find himself a better fit at a smaller school I think.


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He'll take a year off and then land at a smaller program someplace as a HC.  He's a good guy and prolly a decent coach - just not at a program as large as Michigan's with all that goes with the job here outside of football.


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brought back into the Athletic Department in a couple years. He could be in an administrative position mentoring our athletes off the field. It would be a behind the scenes position like Mike Debord.


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He's very likable, a very good recruiter, and truly seems to love his work.  It just didn't work out for him on college's biggest stage.  He'll be a very good mid-major HC somewhere, and I wish him all the best.

Darker Blue

November 18th, 2014 at 1:46 PM ^

he's probably going to drink a lot of miller lites, eat far too many chicken wings and enjoy his big fat buyout check. Maybe he'll take up world of warcraft? And then in about a year he'll climb back on the old coaching wagon and lead the Eastern Michigan Eagles to a 3-9 record.