What do you most hope to learn about the team from the Hawaii game?

Submitted by blue in dc on August 26th, 2016 at 2:43 PM
From the perspective of starters, I suspect that next weeks depth chart is likely to contain some key ors. Speight or O'Korn, Newsome or Braderson. So I suspect the first thing we may learn is who won those jobs. With regards to starters, I am not sure this game can tell us much more (at least from a positive perspevtive).

If our new left tackle is frequently beaten or our new quarterback can"t sustain drives, that will bode very badly. If on the other hand, the offensive line looks dominating or our qb throws for 200 plus yards in the first half, that provides only limited assurance that they'll play well against the MSUs and OSUs of the world. With regards to starters, one area I think we can learn alot about is linebacer play. That is one area that I would be most reassured by a strong performance.

It is however key reserves who I think we may learn the most about. Does a fourt wide reciever look good? Who is the go to TE after Butt, who are the first offensive linemen in and how do they look.

My top ten is:

1. Who is our qb and do we at least get the assurance that he looked good against Hawaii

2. Ditto for LT

3. Any indications that the Chris Evans hype is legit

4. Do our linebackers look solid and is there any depth

5. Does Kalis look more consistent

6. Who are the first reseve linemen in and how do they look? Do we have depth beyond the starting 5?

7. Does a 4th or 5th reciever (beyond Perry) stand out?

8. Does a 2nd or 3rd TE stand out?

9. Does Smith pick up where he left off?

10. How does the second string secondary look?



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Gee whiz, I wonder if any Michigan fans share this same sentiment.

To actually answer this post, I'd like to see which reserves play meaningful snaps to prep them for a larger or starting role next year. More specifically, I wouldn't mind seeing Kinnel and Hudson in the 2nd quarter if we are already up three scores.


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because the defense will defend.

1) does starting QB do what starting QB is supposed to do against the level of comp before him


2) does O-line do what O-line is supposed to do against the level of comp before them

It feels like if we see the first string only until the first series of the second half, the O is doing the right O things (though Harbaugh may want them to keep playing for wrinkles and ironing out kinks).


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That no Michigan players (or Hawaii preferably, but really just us) got hurt in the Hawaii game.

This is honestly all I care about until, like, Michigan State. If we are fully healthy no team on our schedule can beat us before MSU.

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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I want to see them hungry, focused, crushing the enemy.  No taking anyone lightly.  Over-prepared to over-execute.  No mercy, no slow-downs, just hard, grinding football until the final gun sounds.


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How much of a work in progress is our quarterback?

How much work is there left to do to get the team ready for the big ten schedule?

If we get any answers but these from Hawaii we are in trouble.

blue in dc

August 26th, 2016 at 3:08 PM ^

In the early games guys like Dawson, Kugler, Runyan and Ulizio are likely to get significant second half action. Hopefully we will get a feeling that they are on a trajectory to be solid next year. With either a second year qb, pr a qb who beat out a starter, a returning center and a returning left tackle, I think the offense has the potential to be better than most are expecting if we can fill in the rest of the o-line.


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First and foremost I would like to see at least one running back carry 25+ times with 200 or more yards net. To win the championships this team must be able to run inside the tackles. If we cannot accomplish that against Hawaii ...?

Mr. Yost

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I hope to learn that we're injury free...

Other than a potential depth chart, the Hawaii game isn't going to tell us much of anything...there is no real reason to dig into anything unless they have some really good player I don't know about who could give us insight on a 1v1 matchup like a Cole vs. their really good DT. Or the LT vs. their really good DE.

But as a team? Psssh.....


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When Hawaii played OSU in Columbus last year, the Bucks were up only 17-0 at the start of the 4th quarter. They eventually won 38-0 thanks to some turnovers but it was a massively slow start.

Something tells me this place would be pretty damn scary if we're only up 17 in the 4th quarter.

So that's another reason I hope we win by 100.


August 26th, 2016 at 3:04 PM ^

1. A win.

2. No injuries.

3. A (mostly) vanilla game plan that involves us lining up and running the ball down their throats, winning by a large margin simply due to our guys knocking their guys on their asses on a consistent basis.

4. Speight or O'Korn (hopefully we see both, actually) getting ample time in the pocket to survey the field and make good decisions. And each one given the opportunity to air it out a little, too.



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interested to see which frosh play (where and how much) and who appear to be the key reserves (ie does washington check in before long, etc).

other than that, i hope the team exits the game as healthy as possible.

though i wouldnt be upset if we see clean execution all around with limited penalties, mental errors, etc and a lethally efficient O especially on 3rd down and in the scoring area


August 26th, 2016 at 3:23 PM ^

How many yards per carry will the OL get for our RBs? In otherwords, can they clear the road so our RB's aren't touched until way upfield?

And of course, who will be the QB and how's his timing with receivers. Last year it took a while for Ruddock to get timing down with young receivers and it cost us Utah.