What Do We Call This Year?

Submitted by colin on January 27th, 2010 at 5:20 PM

So Brian said this today:

It wasn't, obviously, because that's just the way 09-10 works. When it's all over I'll burn something in commemoration. Possibly the world.

And then this:

One more way in which this year is like having tiny gremlins stretch your scrotum across two counties.

2005 was the Year of Infinite Pain. Which is almost amusing in retrospect, since there are numerous parallels, but this year is clearly more worthy of the title "Infinite Pain". But that's been taken. Which causes one to wonder: what do we call this year?

I'm open to renaming 2005, for one. Two, I think we definitely need to stay away from the word "infinite". It is obviously just begging for ironic comeuppance.