What to do in Ann Arbor

Submitted by jimmyh on August 16th, 2011 at 12:41 AM

My wife and I will be in Ann Arbor is there any place that anyone can suggest that we can do and see while we are in town ? Can we see Practice at all ?



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I'd go see the tigers if you live far away cuse they're in a pennant race and you can get tickets as cheap as 15 bucks per person.  Then again u may not have transportation to Detroit and if that's the case forget it.


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I agree 100% on Ashley's. Hole in the wall, 72 outstanding beers on tap, and newly installed HD TVs for your viewing pleasure.

Last year duing the Wisconsin game my buddy and I got sick of watching Michigan get it handed to them so we just jetted in the 4th quarter and went to Ashley's to get drunk. Watched some more college football.

South Bend Wolverine

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I know a lot of folks really like Blimpy, but it's only fair to point out the way the place works.  If you like being hassled, made fun of, and yelled at by the staff of a restaurant that makes a very average burger, then Blimpy's is for you.  If that doesn't sound like much fun, steer clear and hit up one of A2's better joints.  BTB (formerly Big Ten Burrito), Mr. Spot's, and Pizza Bob's are all highly recommended.

Also, a personal favorite, if you like books, you can't do better than the Dawn Treader used book shop on Liberty, right near the Michigan Theater.


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Blimpy is so ridiculously overrated! The burgers are thin, making them a huge rip-off. Places with better burgers: Casey's, Old Town, Frita Batidos, Dimo's. Seriously, I know Blimpy pushes the nostalgia button for former undergrads, but having lived in AA for 11 years, it really isn't even close to the top of the burger list.

Marley Nowell

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Law Quad is really nice and this time of year you are likely to several weddings taking pictures there.  Arb is great and its not too far a walk from the entrance to the river.


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I think any trip to Ann Arbor for someone who hasn't been there much, has to include either Zingermans or Cottage Inn.  Zingermans has amazing sandwichs, on the expensive side for a deli, but well worth it.  Cottage Inn has great pizza (go to the original, its on E. Williams., the other take out place isn't nearly as good).  Also Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger is great too.  Just be careful when ordering to follow the, rather strict, ordering proceduce.  I've seen a few people get yelled at for asking something out of order.


Also go as MichiganStadiumBlockM said, you have to visit the diag, see the M, walk around town.  Walk State Street and South U.  Actually, just walk in general. Ann Arbor is a great town to just wander around.  Also, definitely check out the Law Quad (per airvipermb).


As for watching a practice, I'm not sure what the rules are for watching them, I'd venture a guess and say you can't, but it would be worth a shot.  And you have to see the Big House in all its (brand new shiny screened) glory.  But you may not get inside.


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How much are you willing to spend?


Ann Arbor is great for restaurants and bars. Since I'am Italian/Irish I  enjoy a meal at Palios with a night cap at Conor O'Neills. But there are a plethora of excellent bars and restaurants to choose from. You'll probably want to stick to the West Side. That is where most of the post-college crowds go.


But if you want just a simple afternoon of taking in the sights and absorbing tghe ambience of Ann Arbor, I suggest going to a  NYPD or a Fleetwood. NYPD has decent New York-style pizza while Fleetwood is a classic greasy spoon.  If you go(to Fleetwood)at the right time you will be able to experience a sample size of Ann Arbor's residents. From the aged hippie to the burgher to the fresh faced graduate student from New Yawk... Ann Arbor's residents are an eclectic bunch.

I'll add that if you have a chance, take in a show at the Michigan Theater. The seats are a bit uncomfortable, but the experience is worth it. It is a wonderful venue.




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The museum of natural history is pretty cool just to wander around in for a little bit. Other than the obvious spots that every one else has said, just walk around town to get a really good feel for the campus during the day. At night there are all kinds of options from Ricks to Ashleys to the Chop House (depending on how classy you want to keep it) 


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For breakfast, Afternoon Delight is excellent.  Another very decent, and modestly priced restaurant that is always good is Grizzly Peak...their hanger steak is fabulous.

No trip to Ann Arbor is complete without a visit to Zingermans, as others have pointed out.  Saveur magazine just did a thing where they evaluated rye bread all over the country...Zingermans was number one.  Their corned beef on rye sandwich is a classic if that is your thing.


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Here are some of my favorite things to do in AA in august:
<br>1. Spend some time in the diag. Quite possibly the greatest place on earth.
<br>2. Walk around the campus. I love just walking the campus - great energy, cool vibe. Don't just limit your walk to south u. And state. The area around the hill dorms is really nice (Catherine and Ann streets by the medical school. Also down hill street by the frat / sorority houses. There are tons of areas that are all within walking distance.
<br>1. For breakfast I love Angelo's.
<br>2. Cottage inn - a classic with great pizza, burgers and fries.
<br>3. Mr. Spots - their wings are the beat there are IMO. Ditto their fries. Last year, when the patriots played the lions in Detroit l, Tom Brady orders sacks of wings and fries for the team as a pre-thanksgiving show of awesomeness.
<br>4. If you want a good fancy restaurant, gandy dancer is always great. I always thought it was a bit overrated but it is still a good meal in a cool facility (former train station).


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Angelo's is the most overrated spot in Ann Arbor.  Blimpy Burger a distant second.

Best places (this was five years ago, so maybe things have changed):

- Cheap / lots of options:  Pizza House.  End of discussion.

- Burritos: BTB

- Expensive:  Chop House / Real Seafood

- Sandwich:  (tie) Maize N Blue, Zingerman's

Really you can't go wrong much in AA.  The one place I did NOT like was Palio.  Talk about overpriced Italian crap.  Gratzi is much, much better.  


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Pizza House is a complete joke.  It's expensive and terrible.  Seriously, horrible food and service. The Chop House and Real Seafood are also both overpriced and terrible. If you want seafood, do yourself a favor and go to Pacific Rim or Yamato. I agree with you on Palio. If someone likes Palio their idea of Italian food is Chef Boyardee. I got a chicken dish there once that had FAKE grill marks on it.  Like GFS fake chicken grill marks.  Such a colossal rip-off.  Gratzi is OK.