What could RichRod do to lose support?

Submitted by dahblue on February 24th, 2010 at 1:44 PM

In reading many of the comments on the recent fun times with the NCAA, it's clear that most here remain strongly in support of RichRod. I think it can fairly be debated whether or not the alleged major violations are indeed "major", whether the media is out to get the coach/program and whether or not the losses are his fault.

For some, RR has done enough to lose his job (from the win-loss record to the current allegations). For others, he has done nothing to put that job in jeopardy. For those in the latter category, I wonder what (if anything) RichRod could do for which his termination (whether now or at a later date) would be justified?

I'm not asking this sarcastically, but I genuinely wonder where the bar is set in terms of tolerating concerns with his handling of the program.



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As long as both the team and the school are with Rich Rod, so am I. If he does something that causes them to turn against him, than that thing would probably cause me to turn against him too.

That thing has not happened yet and is likely not going to.


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I'm saying that I don't have any reason to dislike Rich Rod that the administration wouldn't have also. I don't have any inside information that they don't have that would give me a reason to want him fired. Based on everything we knew before the press conference, nothing happened in or since the press conference to make me change my opinion of him. If there were something that I was not aware of but the administration was, then DB or MSC might have given us insight into that in the press conference. They did not, and I think it safe to assume that there isn't anything they're hiding.

The only thing that is going to cause Rich Rod to get fired is failing on the field. However, we have seen the team continue to improve since his arrival here and we have plenty of strong indicators to believe that that upward trend will continue.

We, as a Michigan community really just need to calm down. The sky is not falling. Our coach is not getting fired. We WILL field a better team in 2009 than in 2010.


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This is the same administration that hired the likes of Brian Ellerbee (sp). Maybe not the same people in the admin doing it but it's the same general idea. You are entitled to your opinion but as far as mine goes I would not put my faith in a group of people who didn't make it a priority to contact Les Miles when the coaching search was going on. I may be totally wrong with this but I am fairly certain that Les said that he was never contacted by the University about a possible employment opportunity specifically dealing with being the coach of his alma mater. Plus, if you can remember back to when the coaching search was taking place MSC put a search committee in charge of finding the new coach. But if you look at it your way then they are just as much to blame because they hired the man who did these things so they are responsible as well. Indirectly, but still responsible.


February 24th, 2010 at 4:45 PM ^

And look at Les now... he pissed away his season on extremely poor clock management, a purely coaching problem. I don't think Miles is all he's cracked up to be - he's not a clean recruiter, he doesn't manage the game well... I'm glad we didn't get him, really.


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I don't think that your post has any validity to the discussion at hand. No one is saying that Rich Rodriguez should be fired and Les should step in. I fail to see why that point was made.


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Not a Les Miles advocate but your point is really contradictory of our coach. Bad clock management vs the punting fiasco in East Lansing? Both bone head moves and both lied about it. I fail to see the point you're trying to make. How is Les not a clean recruiter, besides the rumors you've heard. Do you have facts to support your claim? One of the most successful coaches in the country is Mack Brown and they almost lost the Big12 title game because of poor clock management. How do these ideas seem like truths to you?


February 24th, 2010 at 5:01 PM ^

This is the same administration that hired the likes of Brian Ellerbee (sp). Maybe not the same people in the admin doing it but it's the same general idea.

Same general idea? RR was one of the hottest coaching names in the country. Ellerbe was fired by Loyola of Maryland.


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I guess it goes to show that the administration has had some serious difficulty in their prognostications as of late. There is never a can't miss prospect/coach. We have seen that. I don't dislike the guy but I hate what he's reduced the program to and if he wins great and if he doesn't it won't matter, I will have the same general feeling towards him.


February 25th, 2010 at 4:14 PM ^

FWIW, a friend/hallmate and former Bo and Mo player who is quite in-the-know, said that Miles would have been the guy but he was "demanding" way to many things, and really turned off the decision makers, which I presume they though was un-Michigan like.


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I've been a faithful member of this board now for about 2 years but have yet to make a post or reply until today. I listen to all the talk about Rich Rod. There is one thing that every Michigan fan needs to remember. Other than than a SHARE of the national championship in "97" we have not had a football championship in a long time. The "Michigan Men" are great don't get me wrong but none of them have brought any tiles with exception to Carr. I firmly believe that Rich Rod whenever he has a good defense will finally bring a championship to Michigan. He recruits pretty good with a program "in shambles". Wait until we're good. Now, as far as what he has to do get everyone who hasn't already to turn on him? Those who oppose Rich Rod should get behind him because if we change coaches now even for Miles or Harbaugh (even if they want to come here) would set this program back another 5 years minimum before competing for anything. If we switch back to a pro style now most of the players on this team will not be what the new coach is looking for and will therefor have to start all over. Everyone needs to just be patient as painful as it is and get behind our current staff


February 24th, 2010 at 1:58 PM ^

therefore, I support him.

That's not to say I'm not disappointed right now, because I most certainly am. Just gonna have to wait and see what the next season holds...

edit - more to my point: we could have a completely despicable coach like Nick Saban and though it'd be a tough pill to swallow I'd still support him, because I stand behind my University.


February 24th, 2010 at 3:17 PM ^

I absolutely agree. It does get squashed pretty good here, but I will openly and willingly criticize him.

These allegations just happen to be the first time I legitimately feel... hm. Let down, I think is what I'm feeling (I have yet to put it into words, I'm still a little stunned). The two previous seasons I expected to be rough. But I think he's done exactly what he needed to do.

Except for this one thing, of course.


February 24th, 2010 at 2:47 PM ^

octal, this is the clearest, best-reasoned statement that I have read on this issue to date. I, too, support him because he is our coach. Am I not happy with what has happened to the program under his guidance, and perhaps it might be time to make a change, but until that happens, he gets my support.


February 24th, 2010 at 5:32 PM ^

To me, this is the most disappointing standard - "He's the coach so I support him." Really?
I guess that means your answer to the original question is "There is nothing he can do to lose my support." That, to me, is awful. He could rape your sister...no problem.
He could pay recruits in crack...no problem.
He could help students cheat on exams...no problem.
He could lose 10 games...no problem.

Sometimes when the coach or university does wrong, the difficult thing to do...if you really support the university, is to demand a change when a change is called for. We can all differ on what that point is, but I think the absolute worst statement is "I support him because he is the coach."


February 24th, 2010 at 6:26 PM ^

So, putting aside your straw-man arguments (come on, no one's blind enough to support a rapist coach), you're basically upset that a fan is showing unconditional support. Stop and think about that for a minute. Who is being more level-headed here? The fan like yourself who "demands change," or the fan who accepts that it isn't his decision to make, so he may as well have faith in the AD and coach?

I'm not going to say that I've never called for a coach's firing, but honestly, I've got to admit that most of the time, it's a fairly immature thing to do. It's easy for us to cry like babies when our beloved toy of a football team doesn't win enough, but there are people's actual livelihoods at stake in this. (And not just the head coach - think of all the people beneath him, who aren't paid seven figures.) I admire those who focus on the positives and cheer without wanting to point fingers.


February 24th, 2010 at 7:17 PM ^

Yes, I think that unconditional support (I prefer to call it "blind loyalty") of a coach (or leader of any sort) is the worst thing possible.

You have a brain (allegedly) and shouldn't be afraid to use it. The world would be a better place without blind loyalists.


February 24th, 2010 at 8:17 PM ^

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the world would be any better or worse off if fans were less demanding of sports coaches. This is supposed to be fun, a diversion from real life. When you're at a point where you're screaming "OMG UNACCEPTABLE, FIRE HIM NOW," maybe you should take a step back. (You might want to pause to consider that all your ranting is unlikely to influence the men actually in charge, anyway.)


February 24th, 2010 at 8:26 PM ^

Seems you aren't just a blind loyalist (p.s. there is a massive gap between your blind loyalty and demanding a firing in ALL CAPS...and you brought up strawmen?)...you're a sheep.

Having a large and powerful alumni makes Michigan different. Our voices can be heard, especially when we feel a member of the University has brought shame upon us. Maybe it's a University president putting in a bad policy - we have the right to voice an opinion. Maybe it's a football coach bringing the first NCAA violations in the program's history. If we don't demand excellence, we won't receive it.

I'm not a sheep. I'm a Michigan Man - one of the LEADERS and best.


February 25th, 2010 at 4:03 PM ^

I don't support him because he is "the" coach. I support him because he is "Michigan"'s coach. For me, these are two entirely different concepts. To draw a political (sorry) analogy: I may be a bleeding heart liberal, but I "support our troops" because damn it, those are somebody's family members over there. See what I'm getting at?

I trust my Alma Mater to do the right thing when things need doing. I support them the same way I would support a family member, or my wife should I have one (scary concept). That does not mean I can't cut ties, but it does mean I'm going to what's necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.

I trust that they would fire a rapist, crack dealer, etc. Why? These are the right things to do, of course. I won't have to demand that the University does the right thing, because more often than not, it does. I won't have to "demand" my University change, because 1) it doesn't usually do horrible things and 2) "demanding" things is generally as ineffective as screaming "THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE WTF" on the internet. There are better ways to get things done.

As I've already mentioned (perhaps you missed it?) I will happily and openly criticize something I don't agree with. I'm disappointed with the recent turn, because it's a blemish on both the football program and Michigan's brand. But for me to lose all faith in what they're trying to do over this one thing? No, that's overreacting. Coach Rodriguez made a mistake. Does that really mean I shouldn't support him? Let's be reasonable here.

Blind support? No, sorry. I see things quite clearly, thank you.


February 24th, 2010 at 1:47 PM ^

Have another losing season. Nobody is expecting a championship, but he's out of excuses to not go at least .500. I think he will, I also think if he doesn't, that says something the last two seasons haven't.

Nobody would've won much under those conditions the last two years. This year... that shouldn't be the case.


February 24th, 2010 at 1:49 PM ^

He has a full shot at winning and isn't able to.

Coming in with the scholarship numbers we had, with players who didn't fit his system, with a very young group, etc etc etc.

I expect some improvement this year, more improvement the next, and by 2012 we should be a legitimate BCS contender.


February 24th, 2010 at 1:49 PM ^

for a while. For me anything less than an upward trajectory this year and I'm officially off the bandwagon (or what is left of it). I just think that you have to judge a coach on years 3/4 instead of years 1/2.

So in sum: 9 safe

Zone Left

February 24th, 2010 at 1:50 PM ^

I think next season will be key. The pieces are more or less in place and if the team doesn't continue to show improvement (and improve W-L) he is going to be in a very difficult situation--especially with the team likely getting sanctioned while he's in charge.


February 24th, 2010 at 1:52 PM ^

It seems like most rational fans are willing to view the last two seasons as a necessary transition period. I include myself in this camp. There is a threshold, however, and the program is bigger than one man/coach. Another losing season means heads have to roll around here. As of now, I fully support Coach Rodriguez. I would love to see him have success here, and I think he is capable.


February 24th, 2010 at 1:52 PM ^

I think that would spell the end of the line if the violations are deemed major and the above happens. If not, all I can say is he better win baby, win. If not the knives will reach him from all points across the country.

PF 34

February 24th, 2010 at 1:53 PM ^

Rich Rod has already lost my support... I think at this point for him to keep his job after this season he has to win at least 8 games, including a bowl game.

Crime Reporter

February 24th, 2010 at 2:02 PM ^

If we fail to make a bowl game again, I don't think he will keep his job.

Then again, he's never been given a fair chance from day one, so who knows.

Anyone else have a headache?


February 24th, 2010 at 2:59 PM ^

I feel like he's been given a pretty fair chance. I mean look how many people on here support him fully and look at the people who post negative comments about RR they are immediately negged. Just like last year the numerous times the fans chanted his name even with the teams struggles. And with the last two seasons the way they have gone if he was't given a fair shot then they would have fired him.

Six Zero

February 24th, 2010 at 2:09 PM ^

I'm sure there are some in the fold that are more upset with this than the losing. There are probably BlueHairs and Lloyd loyalists that are more upset with the idea of a black smear on our integrity than the losing itself.

Personally I don't see it as a black smear, more like a few smudgy fingerprints on the cookie jar. But returning to the OP's original question, for those who are more concerned with playing the Michigan way than actually winning or losing, this is even worse than Rich's 2-yr. record.

I challenge anyone to disagree that if it wasn't already, as of yesterday afternoon it's officially a make or break year for the head football coach.