What College do Super Bowl QB's come from?

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Thought this was an interesting article on where Quarterbacks who have played in the Super Bowl went to college.

The California Golden Bears have had the most QB's to play in the Super Bowl at 5. Shockingly not a single QB who went to ANY college in Texas has ever played in the Super Bowl!


(Spoiler Alert- College with most wins by QB's is Michigan, Thanks Tom!)



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Is MSU counting nick foles? 

I guess technically he went to MSU for a year and appeared in one game, going 5/8 passing.


and Michigan is tied with five Super Bowl wins with Notre Dame from a starting QB.


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That table is worse than useless. Not only does it list Brady with just one win, it also lists LA Tech QBs with zero wins.

Terry Bradshaw has 4 Super Bowl victories under his belt, and he played for LA Tech.

Clarence Beeks

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“Shockingly not a single QB who went to ANY college in Texas has ever played in the Super Bowl!”

That is false. Cam Newton played at a college in Texas for his year between Florida and Auburn.

Harball sized HAIL

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Yeah as has been pointed out there are some problems with that list:

3 different Notre Shame QB's started Super Bowls - Daryle Lamonica, Theismann, & Montana

2 Wazzou QB's - Rypien & Bledsoe

1 Nevada - Kaepernick

And apparently Wisky gets credit for Wilson and NC St. gets none but Cal & Nebraska are both on the list for Ferragamo.

Hail Harbo

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I thought Jay Riemersma might have made it, (and yes, he did manage to get on the field as a QB for Michigan), but he was too late for the Buffalo SB years and retired from the Steelers the year before their 2005 SB season.

A Lot of Milk

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Hmm I like the idea that Miami Ohio has produced more super bowl winning quarterbacks than Ohio State and the entire higher education system of the state of Texas combined 


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Shocking to me:

-No Texas schools at all

-No Oklahoma 



Not shocking, but I was also a bit surprised that neither North or South Carolina wasn't represented (UNC, NC St--guess Russ Wilson doesn't count, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, USC)


Perkis-Size Me

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The NFL is a total crapshoot. That's why guys like Tony Romo and Steve McNair can come from the middle of nowhere and be stars, and then bigshots from schools like OSU, LSU and USC can flame out in 2-3 years. So without looking up any real stats, I'd venture a guess that there really isn't much of a trend on where Super Bowl winning QBs came from. 

Just to name the last few that I can think of, Michigan (Brady), Arizona (Foles), Tennessee (P. Manning), Wisconsin (Wilson), Delaware (Flacco), Ole Miss (E. Manning), Miami of Ohio (Rothlisberger). So it's not like there's a slew of SEC quarterbacks going out and winning it all. Guys are coming from everywhere. I think Kurt Warner, the ringleader of the Greatest Show on Turf, come from Northern Iowa.