What bowl games could we be headed to?

Submitted by bleeker on November 27th, 2010 at 4:04 PM

So we finish 7-5 with a 3-5 conference record standing around 8th in the conference. What bowl games does this mean we could be going to and against which teams? (I realize their is much to be decided and more football to be played). Thanks for your help fans.



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From what I understand, the Insight and Gator bowls flip a coin.  The loser probably gets blessed with having Michigan bless their blessed field.  

Perhaps we will see this Michigan team on New Year's Day.


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The Gator Bowl will share, with the Insight Bowl, the third and fourth pick in the Big Ten Conference after the BCS.

The Gator Bowl and the Insight Bowl will each submit, to the Big Ten Conference, their team selection…Should each Bowl desire the same team, the selection order will be decided by the flip of a coin..


Rose: Wisconsin

BCS at-large: OSU

Capital One: MSU

Outback: Iowa

Gator/Insight: PSU/Michigan

Texas/TicketCity: Illinois/Northwestern


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"A less than stellar one" is the quick answer.

More detailed look has...

Wisc to Rose Bowl

OSU to "other" BCS bowl

MSU to Capital One

Iowa to Outback

and here's where it gets dicey....


Gator/Insight will get their pick for Illinois, Penn State, Michigan, Northwestern

Interesting enough the Ticket City Bowl is on Jan 1st according to Wiki, so Michigan technically could still play on a Jan 1st bowl game. Ha.


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We'll probably jump Illinois, so the Gator/Insight bowls will choose PSU/Michigan. I'm thinking Tempe.

Edit: given Iowa's recent failure, I think we have a good shot at the Gator Bowl now, and an outside chance at the Outback.


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Insight vs. Big 12 #4.

It would be vs. Missouri, Oklahoma St., or Texas A&M.


Gator vs. SEC #5:

Probably Miss St.

But gator bowl prefers Penn St.


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Why would a bowl necessarily prefer Penn State?  Michigan fans will fill the stadium as well if not better, and why on earth would you rather advertise Penn State and Matt McScraggles than Denard?  U-M's game will be high-scoring, which = ratings.  Objectively, I'd take one look at both Michigan's offense and defense and have no second thoughts about picking them over PSU.


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As it stands right now, Iowa is losing to Minny. 

If somehow Minny wins, it would leave FIVE 7-5 teams behind the co-champions.

Sure I wish Michigan could have gotten to at least 4-4 in the conference, but we're not far behind some pretty good big ten teams considering we played a decent non-conference schedule. 

Anyways, back to the thread topic, I would love to see us squeeze into the Gator. Because of the date, it means that I could make the flight to Florida and attend.

New Years in Florida sounds good to me!


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But, still, New Years Day would be amazing, if unwarrented after this season.  The only reason I hesistate is that the bowl is probably a referendum on progress/RRs job and it would be better to win.  But, I refuse to fall so low as to root for a bad bowl because I'm afraid of good teams.


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Minnesota just beat Iowa. That means we are tied for 4th in overall record. So, 2 BCS teams, plus MSU in Citrus Bowl means we could be picked by the Outback Bowl. If not the Outback bowl, I'd assume it's the coinflip decision between the Gator and the Insight.


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The Michigan AD is the best source. They will send out an email the as soon as the bowl selection is announced describing the procedure to buy tickets.. They will also setup special rates at hotels. Transportation can be arranged through the alumni association.  I went to the Rose Bowl my first year of graduate school and arranged the hotel and tix through the AD. Plane tix I did myself. 


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Does anyone honestly really give a rat's a$$ about a bowl game this year?  I know it's been two bowl-less seasons, but I am so disheartened by this craptastic team that I JUST DON'T CARE.  I don't feel any better about this season than I did last year at the end of it all, and I have very little optimism for next year; so what's the point of going to some crummy bowl game?

Sure the extra practices are nice, and heaven knows our team can use them, but let's just practice and set our sights on not sucking next year.


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I'm actually really excited about the bowl game this year and plan on attending my first Michigan bowl game ever.  I imagine it will be fun to see our team matched up against the 5th or worst team of another conference with another months worth of practice under our young teams belt (not too mention healing many of our lingering injuries).  I expect it will be exciting to watch.