What is the best piece of Michigan football history you have in

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your collection.  Number one for me.

1.  Detroit newspaper with headline "Bo To Import Old Staff From Miami"  .... found under the stairs in the basement while remodeling a home.    Nothing wrong with importing your braintrust.  Can you guess the names?


2.  Autographed Rom Kramer book


3.  Blue paint chip from the goal post we ripped down


4.  UM helmet I made when I was 11.   Gotta get those decals back for for great defensive plays.


Go Blue !!!! Can't wait to tailgate with everyone !!!





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I have a lot of old newspapers, The Wolverine magazines, autographed Big Ten preview mag (Avant, can't remember who else), autographed M hat by Chris Perry.

no joke its hoke

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Bo's book signed by him and a seat from the big house. The seat was given to me by a friend who was taking a tour about 20 years ago there when they were putting in new bleachers.

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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I bought every sporting publication in existence after we won the championship in '97...Although my Duke basketball ticket taped to the fridge may be my favorite UM collectible...that or the degree. 

Eat Your Wheatlies

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I teach at a HS in Toledo and he came on a recruiting trip while working with Eastern. I was walking to the office one day when I noticed a huge dude walking around aimlessly. Long story short, I pointed him in the right direction while stating that he looked familiar, which he denied. When I persisted, he claimed "I played a little college football." We talked about random UM related topics and he gave me an autograph with #6 and Go Blue! on it. Plus I stole the school's visitor login sheet with his name on it. Good day at work.


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Even though the freep is now made up of no talent ass clowns, I have the paper from them after Michigan won the 1998 Rose Bowl with the headline Hail, Yes! and a picture of Woodson on the front page.  I also have the Detroit News paper from that game as well. 


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from the first day it was printed after the '98 Rose Bowl.  I actually snagged a bunch of them.  I still have about a dozen packed away, full newspaper, complete with crossword.  I might be able to be persuaded to get rid of them. 


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My brother snagged some artificial turf from M Stadium when they converted to grass before converting back to turf. He gave me a square inch for Christmas.

I have an autographed program with Bo's autograph on it, plus several players and Ron Kramer.

I was at Bo's first Rose Bowl win. I don't have any souvenir's from that, only memories.

My Dad has a game program collection. He has something like 25 years worth of game programs, home and away. Every game, we'd buy two programs and he'd wrap them up in black plastic garbage bags just in case it rained. He kept one for himself, and donated a set to some auction every year.

He also collected all of his ticket stubs with the idea of one day putting them all up on the wall. He hasn't got to that yet, but I always thought that was a cool idea.


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from Forest Evashevski's personal scrapbook.  My history teacher in HS was his daughter.  She knew what a fan I was and asked him for a memento.  He took an original picture out of his own scrapbook and signed it personally to me.  It's an incredible treasure to me.


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That's terrible, the arrogance to think you shouldn't just use all the coaches that were already there. Who would do such a thing?

Next you're going to tell me that Bo forced players to do things his way, instead of adapting to what their skills were and doing what they were used to.


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A few weeks ago I was looking for some stuff in my parent's attic; found a box of dishes, wrapped in the front page of the press the day after Michigan beat tOSU in '97. The one with Sir Charles with the rose in his teeth. I nearly wept.

I do have some pictures from taking a tour of Schembechler Hall after the Illinois game; the weight room, practice fields, film theater, lounge and locker room, etc. Including one of a friend's son in front of Denard's locker with his practice helmet on. Did anyone else know that the QB's under RR wore helmet cameras to see where they were looking when making reads? Kinda cool. While we were there, someone had left a helmet on one of the med tables that had what looked like signatures from every player. I'm not a thief, but if I thought I could've gotten away with it I would've robbed it. Shame almost everyone was gone, but we did meet Ray Vinopal. Nice kid. Small little dude, but nice.

Other than that, I've got tickets and "Beat USC" towels from the '07 Rose Bowl, (makes panda sad) but my favorite is a mini football signed by Denard and Roy Roundtree. Not that I would sell it, but that was another reason I was nervous about Robinson transferring.  


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I kept grass that I "borrowed" from the field after the 1997 OSU victory. I held onto it for years until I eventually got rid of it.

I think michgoblue still has some in his fridge if I'm not mistaken.