What athlete do you wish had played for Michigan?

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This what I was kinda hoping the other thread would be about. Are there any athletes who went to other schools, that after their careers you wish had gone to Michigan? It probably helps if they were really considering Michigan, but I'm not setting any ground rules. (I mean, "I wish Michael Jordan had gone to Michigan" is nice, but seems there's not much there). I would say they should not only be good, but you think would have fit in for Michigan. Some great guy you hate might not work. Terrelle Pryor probably would have helped up, but we might have bigger problems than "stretching" now too. (But maybe you can make a case for him).

I immediately thought of daddy Glenm Robinson, who said after the fact if he knew all the Fab Five were going to Michigan he would have gone too. Put Ray Jackson as a sixth man, and add him, and I think those title games might have ended differently. (And a third year even without Webber). Kevin Garnett was considering us before he went straight to the NBA. I'm sure there are some football players who went elsewhere we didn't end up hating. Or go other sports if you like. Really miss that Jeter never got to actually play here? Or that Phelps had been eligible to compete?

And yes, I know we have one vote for Aaron Craft already.



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Always seemed like a decent guy.  Awesome career.  Wound up with the Lions.  In one of the Michigan v OSU documentaries he says he told his Dad he wanted to go to Michigan (grew up in Ohio) and his Dad said something like "if you go there, don't come back" so he went to OSU.


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I second this.  With his charity work and his dedication to his family, he is just a great representative of OSU.  He just seems like a truly kind person, which seems rare with a lot of football players.  He's up there with Mesko and Omameh in terms of good dude status.


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A corner to take Morgan Trent's spot in 2006 (Justin King)

A safety to take Ryan Mundy's spot in 2006 (Jai Eugene? Can't remember)

But most of all.....hindsight is 20/20 and all but DAMN I wish Harbaugh had come along in 2007. By 2009 he would've blown the doors off the Tressel operation. Easy. He did it to Pete Carroll, a superior coach. We might have even gone to the Rose Bowl and won it, don't even get me started on what he'd do to MSU....

By 2010 if not sooner, Andrew Luck OR Robert Griffin III (assuming Harbaugh was going to recruit both once more, and land one of them) would be the starting Michigan QB. Beats recruiting the last Texan QB, Mallett. Even better, the pass defense wouldn't be ranked #118th or whatever. We'd be going BCS bowling and momentum would be rolling.

And when the QB jumped to the NFL, I assume Gardner wouldve still been a Wolverine, so we'd be good there. The QB pipeline at Michigan would've been going strong. Top prospects dying to play here.

Assuming Harbaugh left to the Niners at some point? Bit of a blow to the Michigan ego but big deal.

We'd have have Brady Hoke and David Shaw to choose from. Best Best Best case scenario, hire Greg Mattison, keep Shaw as OC, and have Hoke running the show. Bam. Dynasty Mode Engaged.

No one over here would even bat an eyelash at the Urban Meyer hire.


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He was down to Duke and Michigan if my memory serves correctly. Perhaps had he played for one year, the BBall program would have maintained some buzz and stayed relevant.

Football wise, I'll go waaayyy back and say Tiki and Ronde Barber. Both were very high on UofM but too much home state pressure sent them to UVA. Woodson and Ronde at CB with Tiki at TB would've made the NatChamp team even better for perhaps longer.


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John Gibson could have single handedly saved this season for the hockey team. Maybe not totally, but with him I doubt we're second-to-last place in the CCHA.


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May sound random, but it always bothered me that Jesse Owens went to OSU.  What an exceptional athlete, and how defiant he was in the 1936 olympics in Berlin (given the political/global climate).  4 Gold medals in track & field in Germany. Dominance.


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"Magic" Johnson. Johnson was one of the best players ever to play the game, as shown by the fact taht just about every player who played with him played the best basketball of their life WHILE they played with him. He elevated whatever team he was on. Also hurts that he was a Michigan kid who picked Sparty over the Wolverines, no matter the reasons.


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Ryan Mallet stayed. Might've made things slightly less painful.

OK, real answer- Bo Jackson. Would be great to claim 'greatest athlete of our time' as our own.

Mr. Rager

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Kevin Garnett for basketball (because, duh).

I will go with Justin King for football.  Because if we have him in our secondary for The Game in 2006, we win.  Easily.