What are you drinking on this Friday?

Submitted by winterblue75 on August 20th, 2010 at 8:26 PM

Just wondering what everyone is drinking on this Friday evening.

I'm making it a Shorts Beer night....Nicie Spicie, Strawberry Shortscake, and Noble Chaos (their Oktoberfest).



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I've found that it works pretty well in the few times I've used it.  I definitely felt alert at a level where I wasn't dragging nor felt like I was hopped up on caffeine.  I felt..."normal" -- if that makes sense.

However, I wouldn't recommend mixing it with what had to have been about 15 beers.  Actually, I wouldn't recommend drinking 15 beers, period.  Unless you have to, in which case, I say drink up.

931 S State

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I drink tons of 5 hour energy during fb season.  If I start drinking at noon I usually throw one back around 7pm and it helps me pull through that 7-9pm period before I catch my second wind.


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Maybe I'm alone but the first time I tried it, I sweat my ass off.  Granted I was driving a U-Haul from South Carolina to Michigan at the time -- so that may have had something to do with it.  Other than the sweat factor, I thought it worked fairly well.


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I just got a 6 pack mix of Oktoberfest beer:  Shorts, Sam Adams, Shiner, Hofbrau, Beck's and Hacker-Pschorr.

Shorts Noble Chaos:  Not a big fan, too hoppy for an Oktoberfest style.  How do you like it?

One thing is for sure:  when Oktoberfest starts hitting the shelves, it's time for the maize and blue to run out of the tunnel and touch the banner.


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Jaw Jacker from Arcadia is an awesome autumn/pumpkin beer.

Seems way too early for oktoberfests and autumn ales, they seem to make their appearance earlier every year, and I always tell myself..."not until Sept 1, not until Sept 1", but I always buy them when I see them and therefore have to drink them

kevin holt

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made me remember my favorite commercial of ALL TIME (even though I was young when I first saw it)

Also, answering the question in this post... "Water" :( I'm at my parents' house. 11 whole days til I move back to AA... way too long.


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A strong pale ale, light orange to copper in color somewhere between IPA and Pale Ale. It has a medium body and is well known for its hop profile. Exclusive hop variety is thorough and is the highlight of this ale. Quite pungent to the nose with a creamy spicy grapefruit, and light esters of toasted caramel.  When fused onto the tongue, hop oil resin and medium maltiness extrude maximum delight and fulfillment. A compliment to the fine establishment – Trattoria Stella in the Village Commons, Traverse City


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a friends leftover miller lite out of the vortex bottle.  its moving time and everyone's too tired to go to the store for more/good beer.  though i wish i was drinking some great lakes elliot ness or SA boston lager.


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Dad and I are trying to make the summer pass as quickly as possible (waiting for football season, of course) so we are watching Band of Brothers, now on episode 9 "why we fight" and the best part is we are splitting a growler from Liberty Street Brewing Co. In Plymouth. Their IPA is incredible. Great establishment, if anyone hasn't been there it is worth going.


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Just kidding. I don't think my body can handle that stuff anymore after drinking that pretty much exclusively during my freshman year


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