What are you doing coach?

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No surprise that I'm not the most crazy about RichRod, but I still want him to succeed and do well. But what the hell is he thinking benching Forcier? Devin Gardner looked less than impressive today, and he didn't even arm punt the ball. It's this tough guy mentality of trying to either force Tate to become the man or force him to quit. Not all players respond to that kind of coaching, and a good coach should know that. Sometimes the coach needs to swallow his pride and let his players play. What were you all thinking when Denard went down today? OH SHIT? Yeah that was what I was thinking too. If Forcier is pissed enough to transfer, then what's going to happen when the Big Ten schedule rolls around and Denard gets banged up a bit? This season's success is prdicated on RichRod winning, and the most important factor is not Denard, but having a game ready viable number 2 QB. And with Tate, we can all feel confident that he can come in and play well. Devin may be great, but he's going to have some tough times as  saw today. Benching Tate was a stupid move, and we'll see how it affects us in the long run. Tate is the only guy who can throw good long balls, and without that, our screens are much more apt to be shut down by Big Ten defenses.



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If Tate came in under Lloyd his career would've turned out just like Jason's did.  He grew up in a family that bred him to be a quarterback from the moment the sperm hit the overies.  He was as polished his freshman as most D-1 quarterbacks after two years.  That being said, preparation doesn't make him great.  There's only so much that can do for you.  Part of it is genetics, and while Tate was polished, he didn't have the skill set needed.

It was pretty obvious during the Iowa game Rich Rod wasn't a fan of Tate's... but Tate was literally his ONLY option.  Devin Gardener is a much more skilled player, and with the help of spring practice has been able to refine his talent to much better suit Rich Rod's system than Tate's talent ever was.  

Tate should always be remembered positively by Michigan fans for helping bridge a gap that was the lowest talent level ever to step foot on campus in Ann Arbor.  But unfortunately his time (tentatively since Denard could get hurt and Devin really truely might not be ready) is up when it comes to being a consistant on-field contributer.  But he also could work harder from this point on and try to be a leader and impact this team off the field too.  I hope that's what he does.

I love Tate and I hope nothing but the best for him.  But what's the best for him isn't what's best for the on-field performance of Michigan.  It's just the flat out truth.


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I think there is some distance between people vilifying and denouncing Tate's skill set (recruited heavily with quality offers for obvious reasons) and the reality that we will need him this year...

Denard is a great player but we will be needing Tate, no question.


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I guess RichRod should just start handing out lilies and snicker bars because the candy-ass player might get their feelings hurt. No coach should change the way they do things because a player may not like it. If the player doesn't like it, he can go hang out with Mr. Plow and talk about family values. I like the fact RR coaches football players, not giant pussies...

Tate will be fine. He just isn't our best option...

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Ultimate Quizmaster is an idiotic Tigers fan that would go into epic meltdowns, quite similar to this one, whenever Fernando Rodney would give up a few hits. 

If I had to guess, it wouldn't surprise me if this was one of the_big_house 500th's alternative screennames.  This meltdown is fairly similar to those Red Wings meltdowns of his.


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Denard will get hurt and better B10 defenses will be able to key on him more than UConn did, I wasn't that impressed with UConn on either side of the ball today. UM will definately need Tate this year, I hope he has the heart to stick out this personal adveristy, he will be needed. Anyone criticizing anything he did last year, cmon, he was a trus freshman, on a poor defensive team with a lot of inexperience on offense as well, look back at last year what were your highlight memories? Mine were of Tate in the begining of the year winning the games. I hope the bloggers here have the class to support the players who actually have the balls and talent to play the game (not that all their comments should affect the players anyway).


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It is ok to question why your coach would continue to flat out humiliate the only chance we have of a winning season if Denard goes down.  Think of the following:

1. He is the only reason we didn't repeat 3-9 last year.

2. He played hurt and was a gamer every time he stepped on the field.

3. He is miles ahead of any true FR QB no matter how talented.

If I'm Tate, or anyone in his family, I would tell the coaches to go fuck themselves and get the hell out of A2 as fast as possible.  Why should he stick around and play for a coach who callously humiliates you repeatedly when it is obvious he has no intention of playing beyond this year once Denard and D'Rob are up to full speed.  

I wouldn't blame him for one second if he leaves....and if he does, god help us if Denard goes down.

And for the record, I am totally fine with D'Rob being the man now as he has clearly earned it....but to slap T. Forcier in the face like that is inexcusable and reeks of ego.  

Totally embarrassing that a grown man would do that to a college kid.


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but putting in Devin when DRob went down was a very obvious message and it wasn't good. You don't need to constantly teach young players life lessons in front of millions of people.  You can do it behind closed doors, too.

For all of the issues I had with Lloyd, at least when he was laying down the law it was done within the family.  Tate has taken repeated hits in public.  At some point, we will need him to step up and play and we won't be able to do that if the coach is constantly humiliating him in public.  And no matter you say, putting in a true FR after you start 12 games, most while injured, is a huge embarrassment. 

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Totally embarrassing that a grown man would do that to a college kid.


What are you talking about???? You are not promised or are you guranteed playing time when you play at Michigan!!! How did he humiliate him? by taking his wings? by playing Devin ahead of him? He got his wings taken away because he didn't show up to summer workouts or practiced with the team like Denard did. Denard put work in the summer and showed dedication and it obviously shows. It wasn't just Twolf, it was other seniors also calling him out so he obviously Tate had a problem. Tate thinks he should be guranteed playing time, like it's owed to him and shouldn't have to work for it. You can't have a QB that your team has no respect for. Yes I don't agree with him putting Devin in but he did and Tate showed the lack of maturity and lack of class that Rich and the seniors were talking about by crying on the bench by himself. If he had any heart he would have cheered the team to A WIN and think to himself wow I need to step up to earn some PLAYING TIME. It's obvious you have never played football ever so get out of here with your weak stuff and leave the grown man talk to people that know.....


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Tate "earned" his playing time last year when he gave everything he had trying to pull us out of the abyss, often while dealing with a significant injury.

That trumps ANYTHING Gardner has done in practice.  I'm not suggesting Tate needs to start, as Denard has clearly proven he is the better player, BUT, to suggest that Devin deserves to play over Tate is ridiculous.  

And I'm all for tough love...but you don't need to do it in public all of the time.  If you would compare this to the real world, it would be like a manager reaming his employee in front of his or her colleagues.  True professionals don't do that....ever.  

RRod needs to stop with the mind games and coach him up - away from the public eye.  


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So, I take it you thought RR was out-of-line to ream Shaw on the sidelines after he ran backwards for 10 yards in the first half?

I agree with you that in an office setting, a manager should never berate employees in front of others (if a manager should ever berate an employee at all).  But a major college football sideline is probably not very analagous to an office setting.


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I thought he was out of line. You don't need to rip your headset off, stomp down the side line and start screaming at your player (spittle flying everywhere) to get your point across.  

I know a lot of people have no problem with it but I guess I just believe in a different style of teaching/managing/coaching/etc.  And while I definitely see your point re: office comparisons to football sidelines,  when you are being paid millions of dollars to represent one of the greatest Universities in the world, regardless of whether as a football coach or a professor, I don't think an elevated level of professionalism is too much to ask for.  


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Unbelievable.  Some people will find things to complain about no matter what.  The fact that ur complaining rite now says way more about you than RR.

We beat a very good team today.

Denard had a record-setting day on the ground and a PHENOMENAL day with his arm.

STFU and go sit in the corner if u gon be talkin that noise....this is a wet-blanket-free zone!!  


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What the FUCK is our coach thinking playing the best players at each position?  Doesn't he know about our players feelings?  Football is not about winning, Rich, it's about making everyone happy.  This is 4th grade t-ball, Goddammit, and you're coaching like it's fucking Big Ten football. 

Now go hand Tate his Capri Sun personally, and apologize to his parents.