What are the hallmarks of a Harbaugh-Coached team?

Submitted by Scrantastic on December 28th, 2014 at 5:09 PM

Forgive my ignorance but what are the hallmarks of a Harbaugh-coached team?  For instance, I would characterize a Rich Rod team as made up of typically smaller, shiftier players from the south and being heavily tilted towards offensive output.  Dantonio-coached teams might be said to be defense-oriented squads with lots of sleepers from the midwest who get coached up to a high level.

My general impression of Harbaugh-coached teams would be that they have "high-motor", "chip on the shoulder" guys who may have gone under the radar but it's possible I'm conflating Harbaugh's passion and shoulder chip with that of his players.  In my mind, his players are Zach Novak, but in football.

What should we expect his teams to look like several years from now?  Mostly midwestern kids who specialize in dominating the line of scrimage?  Big-time recruits with big-time egos similar to Urban Meyer's Florida teams?  I'll be curious to see.



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Big linemen, downhill running, solid qb play, lots of tight ends. Also since 2011 harbaugh teams have had disciplined and tenacious defense. Harbaugh puts tons of focus on having a top notch staff and being very disciplined. It's about time.


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The offenses are centered around a power run game.  The QB by nature of guys he has had since Luck are not necessarily dual threat but "mobile" enough.  So it would be a lot like Carr's offenses IMO.  But he has had less "statue" QBs than Carr recruited.  The only guy I can think of anywhere similar to the type of QBs Harbaugh has been utilizing in recent Michigan history is Tate Forcier.  But Smith was inherited at SF so not sure if it counts as a guy Harbaugh "wants" as he shipped him away.  Kap and Luck are of that mold - a Russell Wilson type would also fit the kind of guy Harbaugh wants.  

The defense is difficult to answer - Stanford didnt have talent early and Harbaugh flew through 3 DCs until Fangio showed up.  Harbaugh is not a defensive coach just like Meyer isn't.  That is Fangio's D he has enjoyed for half a decade so its not so much a Harbaugh thing.  For D, you have to look at what Durkin will bring.

For the team overall, high demands, high motors, expectations of excellence, dont fear anyone, have belief in yourselves.  He took a horrid Stanford team and beat Carroll's USC team at its height in year 1.  Then destroyed them 2 years later.  


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No.  Some are saying he will is a serious HC candidate for 49ers (along with their DL coach) but either way he is an NFL guy - his only non NFL year was Harbaugh's last year at Stanford.  His career has been NFL.  With all the smoke around Durkin he seems to be the guy.  Fangio would have been a coup. 

I wrote a piece on Durkin a few days ago - you can go look it up if you want some Durkin info.  Short story, coached as ST for Harbaugh - high energy, positive, 36 years old, DC at Florida under Muschamp for 2 years.  Big time recruiter supposedly.


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Really? wow.  Interesting.  Well like I said, that is the only QB I can think of in recent history that is a Harbaugh type in terms of play on the field.  Can't see Tate lasting long off the field with Jimbo!


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The one hallmark of a Harbaugh coached team that is indeed extant and something we would do well to experience at the moment is development leading to improvement. I dare say that the rest of the hallmarks sort of extend out from that particular core trademark. If we get the one thing, I am pretty sure we get to experience the others.