What are the chances current players/coaches have accounts here?

Submitted by MichiganFan1984 on September 12th, 2018 at 3:59 PM

The Shea interview this morning was crazy as already discussed, from the standpoint that MKing used the exact same phrase “r.e.l.a.x” in his last post (Arb Lover linked the thread, I don’t know how, sorry) as Shea did in the interview this morning. It’s almost too coincidental, no? Arb Lover and others brought up good points in that thread, but I wanted to take it a step further. Even if MK was a current player, we’d prolly never know. What are the chances other players or coaches have accounts here? I say 75% chance at least one player or coach has an account and is one of us. 



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I think it's pretty obvious. I believe he's even said as much. Not saying that's a bad thing, either. Just that it's clearly going on.

I also think it's obvious that Sam Webb and others only say what the program wants them to say. Which only makes sense; why bite the hand that feeds you insider information?



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Media matters (because humans run on perception and emotion, not "facts).

There's zero chance UM reps don't at the very least scan these boards, and zero chance some players/families don't view these either (and UM's PR teams certainly request/suggest/ maybe even make them sign something saying they won't).



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Several current players have accounts here and a lot of former players do. Most are lurkers. Only a couple of older former players regularly post on the board. JDue51 is probably the most active. The current players regularly post MGoPhotos of themselves on their Instagram accounts.


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Honest question: I don't need to know WHO but how can you tell? Do they let you guys know? Or they just signing up with their UM email and you can tell by the uniqname?

A part of me thinks that the knowledge that players do see what people say about them will mean posters are less shitty about them as a person. The rest of me is not that naive.

Arb lover

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See. This.

As fans we need to remember that our number one job is to support the team and players at all times, and to support the coach until such time as they need to go. It's precisely because players and recruits do read here and sometimes take it to heart (remember they are 17-21 for the most part, more impressionable than you or I), that we are only shooting ourselves in the feet if we hammer off on a player for alleged poor performance. 


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I should add we get as many and more family members of players. The players tell each other not to care what people on the internet think. But imagine if there was a website devoted to nitpicking your son's biggest endeavor. I'd be on that like flies on shit.

This metaphor is doing work.