what about van jefferson?

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Not sure if this is truly forum worthy, but with all the talk about shea patterson transferring here and then subsequently deontay anderson not, I noticed there hasn't been any talk about jefferson transferring to michigan. anybody know what the case is with him?


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I've been trying to guess what the problem is here. I know the NCAA has minimum requirements for high school graduates, but what's the problem here? Their grades are low enough to not transfer credits here but high enough to count as passing? As in they could be a junior with a terrible GPA at Ole Miss or a mid-year Freshman here at UMich. As far as I know Michigan doesn't have transfer requirement minimums, but I guess admissions could say no if they really wanted to. Those are the only guesses I've had that makes sense to me. I can't imagine it's possible that they're failing so many classes that they can't transfer but still qualify to play at Ole Miss. Anybody know/have a better guess?


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My understanding is that it is classes and the grades in said classes that the admission looks at. For instance, they may accept a class and say it can count towards a major at Michigan, but they need a c+ in the class to have it transfer.
Of course, some of the classes they took probably don't transfer no matter the grade.


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maybe they can ref our game next year against OSU?

Rule 1: Don't take Delaney bribes or threats to tilt the game in OSU's favor.

Rule 2: Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh are treated the same...When one jumps up and down on the sideline (Harbaugh) it should not be a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, if you are giving Meyer a "sideline warning" for the same infraction.

Rule 3:  You are allowed to call offensive holding and defensive PI against the team in scarlett and grey.


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Apologies for the lack of link, but in an earlier thread another poster provided an in-depth look into class credit transferability for Ole Miss's school of Health, Exercise Science & Recreation Management to Michigan's School of Kinesiology, and the short version is that pretty much nothing transfers.  

Much like Andy Katzenmoyer's Golf classes at OSU, Ole Miss's phys ed classes don't transfer out as credit, so even if Jefferson and Anderson had 4.0 GPAs, they'd have issues getting into UM because they'd be too far behind under the Academic Progress Report rules.

One more way that Ole MIss and Colonel Reb are keeping their athletes on the plantation.

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If that's true, it is a little weird that they nonetheless came for campus visits. I don't really know how this is done for transfers, but if I were coaches I'd want to have at least an initial conversation or email back and forth with the kids to determine if their coursework was likely acceptable for transfer credit.

It makes M look less good if these kids do such a high profile visit and end up not coming. Plus it can create a perception that the kids as not super smart/hardworking/etc. even if that's not really true. 


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Given how rapidly things were happening, I suspect that they met with admissions or academic counselors to see what could be done with the transcripts. 

I disagree that a high profile visit is bad optics if it does not pan out. If the school and the kids meet, get along, but things don't work out and everybody speaks well of one another . . . .I think that shows some professionalism. It has seemed to me that although everything was done quickly, it was also done with a clear eye on compliance. If the University needed to bend too far to shoe horn them in academically, that might have put the kids in a bad spot academically. That may justify a face to face conversation.



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Not a level playing field. A student athletes grades can be good enought at such institutions such as Ole Miss. or Alabama, but not UM, Wisconsin, or Northwestern.


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It's been the case since at least the mid-1970s that transferring into undergraduate programs at U-M is extremely hard because Michigan has very restrictive standards for which credits it will accept for transfer. It doesn't matter if a kid has a 4.0 at Ole Miss if the classes he's taking won't be accepted for credit at U-M.

This a huge reason why there have been so few transfers to play for Michigan over the last several decades.


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U-M has agreements with CCs in the state:

"Note for transfers from Michigan community colleges: As part of the Michigan Transfer Agreement, many courses from Michigan community colleges have been pre-approved for transfer and distribution credit. You can check the Michigan Transfer Agreement page at the Undergraduate Admissions website to see if your courses have been pre-approved."

Of course this doesn't automatically apply to CCs in other states.

I had a good friend a bunch of years ago who got into U-M's program in computer science after transferring from the University of Toledo, but even back then he was royally pissed because U-M refused a slew of his credit hours at UT, and so he was forced to take classes in subject areas he'd already studied. Of course that means more tuition $$ for U-M, too.

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and it's fully transparent.  It's not a Michigan thing unless not glossing over meaningless classes  and poor grades is the standard.

Michigan publishes it's articulation with most every other school in the nation and has comparable transfer policies.





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He gone.

Saw a blurb somewhere that Ohio may be kicking the tires on him. There would be no academic hurdles to clear there. Probably would catch a TD against us.


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I always felt like bringing in those two guys was a little strange. We have decent depth at safety if Woods is really as good as he looked this year, and we are stacked at wide receiver. Given what we went through this season, I think the scholarships would be better used to fill up the 2018 recruiting class than anything else.