Dr. Sap

February 21st, 2016 at 10:15 PM ^

A lot of the games in the late 70's & early 80's were aired on a tape-delay basis after the 11 o'clock news Saturday nights. They were edited to fit a 2 hour time slot. Brandy and Ray Lane did a lot of the games back then. If you listen closely in this 1981 UM-MSU Game, you can hear over the P.A. System: "Tackle made by Tom Gores." Yup - THAT Tom Gores!

rob f

February 21st, 2016 at 10:43 PM ^

for posting this 1981 Michigan @ MSU highlight reel---THANK YOU!   

Until now, I had never seen video of more than a handful of plays from that game, the only M vs. MSU game I've ever attended at Spartan Stadium.  What a thrill to finally see some of those plays on YouTube 34 1/2 years later!  

Like was mentioned earlier in this thread, it was a beautiful sight to see such a potent running game.  Not only did Butch Woolfolk run wild (something like 253 rushing yards, if my memory serves me right), but also FB Stan Edwards, TB Lawrence Ricks, QB Steve Smith, and The Darter himself, Anthony Carter all had great games lugging the ball that afternoon.  Butch had the two lost fumbles (and, I believe, dropped the ball one other time that day); both those turnovers led to MSU field goals.  Otherwise, he had one of the greatest rushing days in Michigan Football history.

And that transcontinental pass by Carter back to a wide-open Steve Smith for 2 (a play with  definite intent to deceive!)?   That really hushed the Spartie faithful who, up until that point, seemed to believe an upset was possible.  A real turning point in that game.

I'll have to dig out and listen to my cassette tapes (three 60 minute tapes) of this game that a friend graciously taped on a portable cassette deck for me.  Although the audio quality wasn't very good, it was Bob Ufer.  I believe Ufe only did a couple more broadcasts after that and lost his valiant battle against cancer less than a month later.