Were you the psycho on the Crisler side of the stands Saturday?

Submitted by gnrgoblue on April 22nd, 2010 at 3:20 PM

For my bachelor's party, I attended Saturday's spring game with a decent-sized group. We sat on the Crisler side of the stadium, at maybe the south 20-yard line, and maybe one third of the way down from the top row.

There was a psycho a few rows in front of us screaming at and cursing various members of the team, especially Forcier. When Forcier was scrambling around in the backfield, it was, "THROW THE F***ING BALL, YOU F***ING BUM!" When Forcier made a good play after a bit of scrambling, it was, "YOU SUCK! A REAL DEFENSE WOULD HAVE MURDERED YOU!" At times when there was nothing specific worth screaming about, it was simply, "YOU’RE A GOD**MN MOTHERF***ING BUM, FORCIER! GET OFF THE FIELD!"

This guy was with maybe a half-dozen people, all of whom were apparently otherwise jovial, but just sat there, awkwardly silent, whenever this guy went on one of his tirades, which was often. I kind of felt bad for them because they were obviously humiliated, but this guy was clearly unhinged and shouldn't have been at the event at all; they shouldn’t have taken him (or tacitly endorsed his behavior by first attending with him and then sitting there while nearby families were forced to relocate to the lunatic-free seating areas).

If you were a member of that group (and there’s no mistaking this guy), please leave the psycho at home next year. It's supposed to be a festive occasion, and we’re all trying to have some lighthearted fun. As for the maniac, he could use serious counseling, heavy medication, a new hobby, or a sound beating.

The day was great and we all had a blast but, in case he's an mgoboarder, I want this guy to know he disgraced himself, his family, and the Michigan community.



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Can't you guys read? I said the psycho was AT the event. It was years ago that Drew Sharp stopped attending sporting events he covers (true).

So we can eliminate Sharp. As for Boren, I kind of doubt it. This guy (obviously) had way too much interest in offseason training and conditioning. Still, both Boren and our mystery person have shared attributes (I don't know them, I don't like them, they hate Michigan football, they're both carbon-based lifeforms), so it's possible they're one and the same.

bright future

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I do not know who you speak of. However, I did see a rather large man (tippin the scales at about 300 lbs) wearing a T- shirt that read "Rosenberg thinks I work out too much." My dad and i were laughing so hard that we were on the verge of tears. I also saw him at Connor Oneills after the game. Cheers to you if you are out there.

lexus larry

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Click on the link to the left.

Don't know him, since I have my own festivities, but, he has a blog...

Oh, and looking at the pics, he doesn't LOOK 300#...maybe the photos have a slimming effect!


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Sounds like it could have any one of the thousands of people bitching and screaming during the Purdue game. Or who sold their OSU tickets.

el segundo

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I realize that many people might have been offended by my remarks or might have thought that I was too hard on Forcier. But I have a reason for my outburst.

I just hate those cheesy chin whiskers he's got.

I really hate them.


A lot.


Hard Gay

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Why didn't you do something about it?

Posting on a blog that he most likely doesn't read doesn't help anything. Go up to him and confront him about it or call event staff.


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I agree that I probably should have. But it was a combination of factors. For one, I kept assuming his party would get him under control; he'd scream for awhile and then quiet down, and I'd think it was all over. It was probably 45 minutes or an hour in before I realized he was just a nut and he was only stopping to catch his breath. For another, this guy didn't give the impression of someone interested in listening to constructive feedback and modifying his behavior accordingly. To the contrary, it seemed to me that anyone who said anything would be treated to a punch to the face (the fact that his family/friends didn't say anything makes me pretty sure about this). I wasn't sure what would have been more destructive to the atmosphere in the area: letting this deranged fan scream himself hoarse or getting into a brawl (because everyone in my party would have piled on, and, it seems reasonable to expect, so would his). Also, though my party was camped there for the duration, I took off a few times for long walks around the stadium (I'd not been inside since the 2003 OSU game, and a lot's changed since then).

I suppose I could have, as you suggested, found a staffer. Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind.


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Would have been cool to grab a video of the guy on your phone. Nothing like having one's idiotic, obnoxious behavior immortalized on YouTube.


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We were about six rows in front of a guy who was heckling everyone LOUDLY, and I believe at one point called Devin Gardner a "retard." A couple of guys around him started to give him a hard time, and one guy yelled "Dude, this is your team!" What a dick. Seriously, whoever you are, no one likes you, no one wants you around, so go find some negative attention elsewhere.


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should have to clean the bathrooms in the stadium for a home game as punishment. If they do not learn their lesson they should have social services find them an efficiency apartment in Columbus with a lease that does not end.

We do not need them.