Were Coming for your Cheese!

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on November 10th, 2009 at 3:14 AM

Not too long ago I saw a shirt that had a lined image of the state of Wisconsin. Inside the image it said "WERE COMING FOR YOUR CHEESE!" Color was maize outline on a navy background. I thought it was hilairious but if you are looking for some jokes then this season definitely hasn't been comic relief or comedy for all that goes. It's been a tough road for all of us both the fans and players as the season winds down to it's last few games. Wisconsin and of course Ohio State is all that remains and they are two uneasy games this year. This Saturday in Camp Randal and the other back in the Big House. We hoped that at this point Michigan would be 7-3. Unfortunatley speed bumps in East Lansing, Iowa at home against Penn State, on the road in Illinois and at home in Purdue have made it a difficult position at 5-5. 1-5 in conference play. The odds are obviously not in favor this weekend but that doesn't mean we can't beat the Badgers because we can. Wisconsin is a strange team either they come to play or fall apart. Being 20th ranked though and 4th in the big ten expect them to come out with cannons flying.

To start a good game Michigan needs a good drive up field lead of course by Minor and Forcier. Forcier needs to regain that sense of being comfortable in the pocket once again like he did against Notre Dame. Just drop back and throw don't try to make a massive play if your pressured. Run and pick up the three or four yards then work from there on 2nd down or 3rd down. Sometimes I think he tries to do too much. An opening drive for a TD would be awesome to see and a stop on all 3 downs for the Michigan defense would also spark momentum and give Michigan a good rythem on offense. Wisconsin's got a good offense and players like Grahmn, S. Brown and Van Bergen are really going to have to step up. Mouton is also going to have to put more pressure on that offensive line. If the Wolverines can start off hot and end hot they can win. This is a game where Michigan is going to have to play consistant, clean no turnover football to win. I'm looking forward to a very exciting and good game this Saturday. A win and a bowl game birth would be beautiful. But Michigan needs confidence when they play OSU in two weeks and a road win and knocking off 20th ranked Wisconsin would do just that!



November 10th, 2009 at 9:23 AM ^

still hear optimism right now about Michigan. I really want them to win, and at the same time have no expectation that they will. I have no optimism left for this year. The bigger smashmouth teams in our conference have destroyed us the last two years, and this team will ram the ball right at us. With an undersized scheme and only three D-lineman, do you think Stevie Brown can avoid being plowed backwards all game?

I wish that reality wasn't smacking me in the face about now, but 1-5 in the Big Ten is a joke. We will either be last or tie for last in the Big Ten. OUCH. My wife has only been watching Michigan football with me for four years, and she doesn't really get how devastating the change in our success has been. This will all make getting back to the top sweeter, it just sucks to have to watch it all unfold right now.


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it's nice to hear folks supporting the team, through thin. A gal at the game started off hating on the team right from the start, calling them idiots and badmouthing them after the first Purdue TD. I just simmered and when we got that first INT, I looked back and cheered for the defense. Lol, did you guys tune into the post game show that Ira hosted? What a riot! Ira had nothing to do with those callers calling for Coach's head, good for him! Still, it's getting harder and harder to stay positive; even coach is having a tough time. Gotta tough it out though, till the end. Whatever end that may be...


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but our team hasn't won yet on the road. I don't see it happening this weekend against a physical Wisconsin team. I think we have a much better chance of winning at home against the Buckeyes. But I will gladly eat my words and take a victory this weekend!

Dark Blue

November 10th, 2009 at 10:26 AM ^

I wont make any predictions about the Wisconsin game. We all know Camp Randall is a tough place to play. However in two weeks we will punch sweater vest right in the mouth. GO BLUE!