Welp, this kind of sucks; Dan Enos version

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This story in SI makes me wonder how this season might have been different, If only.





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People said the same bullshit when we got bama's offensive coordinator..

turns out once you don't have an entire roster full of 5 stars it shows you can't coach very well..

TD Billy Taylor

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What was the point of posting this? It just confirms what we already know, which is that Enos is a spineless scumbag, just like Manny Diaz and countless others in CFB.

Seriously, articles like this come out every year before the SB, before the CFP, before many big games, really.

I remember last year when my Eagles were in the SB there were dozens of similar articles about John DeFilippo and the team's assistant QB coach even (Press Taylor). Every journalist likes to think they've found the "magical," overlooked staff member who's critical to a team's success, when, realistically, it's due to a confluence of factors. In this case, Enos is serving under a talented OC, who's serving under probably the greatest coach in college football history. The fact that he's had success with a former 5 star-recruit and with a former highly-ranked 4-star recruit, both of whom have starting experience, is not really news.


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Confluence of factors...certainly true. But of course the same holds true when results arent great as well. And yet people will call coaches worthless and useless on the flimsiest of evidence. How convinced people with little to no in depth knowledge of the team’s inner workings were that Drevno was the worst..., of course, now its Pep or maybe Jay Harbaugh even. Its almost like they always need a scapegoat when their team fails to make them happy and to distract them from their shitty lives.


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I think this year's results show that Dreno, while not the worst, probably wasn't the best either. Our OL seems vastly improved this year and there's hope that next year will be better. And while your coaching is limited to what the guys can do.....if your job is recruiting and you aren't bringing in the best and brightest, that's on you! 



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Whether Enos is here or long gone, it still would be nice to see things opened up. I keep thinking about Patterson’s ability to throw on the run, McCaffrey, a big kid who can do it all, Chris Evans in a wide open field (not 1st & 2nd down up the middle leaving a 3rd & 8 on every series)... 

Just Patterson’s remarks the other day give me hope.


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Patterson was probably talking out of frustration. I think hes either frustrated with the staff or the fanbase or mayb both. We better see some changes next season or else hell will break loose again. Time will tell if Harbaugh has what it takes. For the health of my liver and everyone elses i really hope he goes all out next season. If anyone says that Harbaugh is protecting a player to avoid injury or doesnt want to give away his playbook as an excuse early in the season they should be banned from this site.


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Alabama and Dan Enos deserve each other. Both shady as hell, my biggest problem is he used Michigan and did it during recruiting. What was he telling recruits? and again he is a Spartan after all and shouldn't have been trusted in the first place


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Ya know I really don't think Dan was ever coming to Michigan, as someone pointed out in an earlier thread a few weeks ago he had something in his contract from Arkansas that made it hard for him to be hired by another SEC school. 


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As shady a move as it was, it was also a somewhat brilliant move to evade one clause in one's own contract. I'll give Enos credit for thinking that whole thing through for the sole purpose of advancing Dan Enos' career. 

He's still a piece of shit though and Alabama deserves nothing less. 


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I dont think its the coordinators themselves just look at Lame Kiffin. Working at Bama makes you a great coach because you have all the talent in the world and no rules to follow. Dan Enos has very little to do with Tua's success. The real credit goes to Satan...i mean Saban


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Whether Enos is worth a shit or not one thing I think we can all agree on is that he made the right decision for his career by bolting for Bama and Tua when the opportunity presented itself. 


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You left the P out.

And "the Fire Harbaugh he will never win the big game we should have Bama's offense" crowd - they completely forget that Pep was supposed to go find another job and Jimmy had hired Bama's passing coordinator before they stole him so we ended up with Shark boy instead.

I think the UCF fans starting a go fund me to investigate SEC for antitrust violations may actually be on to something - especially the fan funded investigation since neither the NCAA nor the member institutions would bother to investigate anything really meaningful.


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This is great and all, but we looked at Enos's history as an offensive coach, and his teams' performances dropped or stagnated. He's not someone who has shown he can take an offense over two or three or four years and improve it.


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Would he have helped? Who knows. Let me just say this. Any one of us on this forum could join the Bama coaching staff next year and look good.  Go look at a coach like Don Brown and find out how successful he was with less talent.  That is the mark of a good coach.  Not have 5 and 4 star talent at every position and still be successful, that is a good coach.