November 11th, 2009 at 10:50 AM ^

1. I did not say this was a fact but qualified it by saying "apparently"
2. I acknowledged that I did not know if the source was reliable
3. Since I posted this, TV sportscasters (eg FSN) have acknowledged that rumors about Charlie being fired are running rampant
4.It is plausible that ND, if they plan to fire Charlie, would make the decision before the end of season, so that they can hit field running in a search for his replacement at the end of the season (much as occurred when LC announced his retirement early).

5. If there is some consensus that we should not report any rumors--if this board is held to the same standards as a news organization--then many of the topics here should be deleted.

6. If there is no interest in a report that is not credible, then one should not get over a hundred replies, as occurred in reponse to this thread.