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Submitted by Magnus on April 21st, 2018 at 9:27 AM

Michigan is having another pretty big recruiting weekend a week after the "spring game." There are a bunch of 2019 recruits in town, but the most interesting ones might be the 2020 recruits, where there are three 4-star level recruits (Braiden McGregor, Rylie Mills, and Chris Tyree).

In the 2019 class, OG Karsen Barnhart and QB Taisun Phommachanh (Clemson) were supposed to be visiting, but I believe they have both canceled their visits. Barnhart was supposed to commit to Michigan yesterday but backed off that plan.



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Guys who are high on Michigan: Trevor Keegan, Xavier Truss, Andrew Kristofic, William Harrod, Ty Murray, Zach Carpenter, Karsen Barnhart. The first four guys are tackle prospects, while the last few are inside guys.

Michigan has 3 offensive line commitments in the 2019 class, and 2 are guard/centers (Jack Stewart, Nolan Rumler). Michigan needs offensive tackles.


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I’ll start by saying I’m not Magnus.

Here’s a list of his all-time commits. Plenty of top ranked players on this list. How much of that is Warriner being a good recruiter vs OSU recruiting itself is up for debate. Notably, he was Daniel Faalele’s primary recruiter in getting him to Minnesota.

Overall I would say that Warinner is a decent recruiter, and his track record with OL development and sending guys to the NFL is a definite plus. It’s not much of an argument that he’s an improvement in the recruiting category over Drevno, so even looking just at recruiting it seems like he’s an upgrade.

Mr Miggle

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even if he's not a great recruiter. 

Drevno was already having a tough time, based on production and rumors he was on the hot seat. In addition, he wasn't considered a strong recruiter in better circumstances. Bringing Warinner in has to at least help with recruits that liked Michigan, but wondered what would happen with their position group.



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is for Harbaugh to win some of the big games on the 2018 schedule and win the B1G. If Harbaugh can achieve this our recruiting will go very well from the end of the season to LOI day! If we have another 8 or 7 win season we will have another 2018 recruiting cycle. Somewhere in the 20-30th ranked recruiting class. We need to start winning or we will fall far behind OSU and even PSU in talent.


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I don't think Warinner is an ace recruiter, but I'm not sure how much that matters. If you take a mediocre 3-star and turn him into a 2nd round pick, that's the same as taking a top-100 player and making him a 2nd round pick. Michigan is going to get its share of top talent, but we're not going to get a ton of 5-star guys until/unless we can take some of these slightly lower ranked guys and make something out of them.


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the climate is such, we shouldn't complain or criticize, but didn't we put a bunch of eggs in the 2019 basket and not put as much effort into 2018. Unless it's the coaching turnover, but why aren't we in on more top 100 2019 players? I realize the coaches have their own board, but before this year I haven't heard of them recruiting some of these 3 star kids. Stars seem to matter to Alabama, OSU, Clemson, Georgia (they are somewhat of an outlier because 90% of their recruits are homegrown) Penn St, and Oklahoma.


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This class is once again looking very underwhelming.. Hopefully we have a nice 10+ win season so we can land some of the blue chippers.


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said yesterday when asked how much "stars" played into who Michigan recruits said "absolutely nothing". He goes on to say that he trusts the staff evaluations, that everyone knows who the top 25 recruits are, and that everyone recruits them. Beyond those players Michigan's criteria is "do they fit with Michigan". It's a good listen. Go to the WTKA side and listen to part 2 of the Sam Webb podcast.

The Fan in Fargo

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Remember those Wisconsin offensive lines? Yeah, Michigan has the S&C coach that built those players. They have the enemies offensive line coach who kicked the shit out of Michigan and Alabama. Among the best resources and facilities in North America to develope young men into wrecking balls over the weight of 280 lbs. Hold onto your butts.

Here's to praying these boys are working their asses off the next four months so I can have the most enjoyable six pack of my young adult life on that Saturday night when Michigan rolls into South Bend!!


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"Let's see if..." can be said about almost anything that hasn't happened yet.

RIGHT NOW we have a top-5 recruiting class. RIGHT NOW that's all that matters, because nobody else has signed a single class of 2019 player as of RIGHT NOW.


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the covers over your head, and maybe it will get better. The truth hurts. If you don't expect more. you will never get it. I don't give a shit about points on a blog. I give a shit about my school being consistently out recruited by our rivals. Is that being negative, or is it the truth?

Blue in Paradise

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A douchey concern monger or possibly a troll pretending to be a Michigan fan. Either way, if Michigan football and recruiting strategy make you so upset, find something better to do with your time.

Politics make me feel the same way you feel about Michigan football, so I don’t spend my time on political blogs.


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you are being really negative.  I follow recruting very closely.  I just don't give a crap about the recruiting rankings, especially in April, because they are not necessarily indicative of game outcomes.  In my opinion Michigan is recruiting some great prospects.  If you disagree, that's fine; but there are better ways to do it than being a jerk off to all that disagree with you.