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This just in from Sam Webb over on the Twitter:

Hearing another youngster slated to visit #Michigan today. Beaver Falls, PA QB Chandler Kincade. The 2014 signal caller is committed to Pitt 


There was a rumor over on Rivals that Michigan was getting a visitor this weekend that is currently committed to another school, and that there was a chance he could flip.  Beaver Falls = Namath, FYI. 






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I don't have a rivals subscription, but a TE currently committed to Wisconsin is visiting this weekend. Not sure id that's who rivals is referring to.


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 Chandler Kincade


Makes me giggle. 

Can't find any evidence that he has a U of M offer yet or if he has any interest.  Anyone got any inside info?  Its about time we get started on the 2014 class - 2013 is so last weekend. 


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According to Scout he is 6'4" and 210 lbs. I love having Shane as a part of the 2013 class, but I hope we can continue to bring in high caliber quarterbacks to provide lots of competition. That's what wins games, having the best compete against the best. 

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If Devin is the starter at the beginning of the season (and most feel he will), then you play him and keep Bellomy as your emergency back-up - as in the back up who goes in for a couple plays if Devin gets a little banged up, or the guy who finished out a game if Devin gets a small injury of the game is out of hand. 

However, if Devin had a major injury midseason where he'd miss multiple full games, the coaches might reassess at that point and play Morris over Bellomy if they felt he was ready. 

Keep in mind, too, that Bellomy might be a better college QB in 2013 than Morris.  He'll have two full years in the offense, and a couple extra years working on his mechanics and gelling with the receivers, RBs and OLs.  Morris could certainly catch him in as little as a year's time, but it's not a stretch to think he'll be the third best QB on the team as a true frosh.

Blue boy johnson

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Lottsa options but Swieca for the win

13 Ben Fry QB 5-10 178 FR Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. (Grosse Pointe South)
8 Alex Swieca QB 6-1 210 FR New York, NY (The Frisch School)
7 Devin Gardner QB 6-4 205 SO Detroit, Mich. (Inkster)
4 Steve Wilson QB 5-11 180 RS JR White Lake, Mich. (Lakeland)
3 Russell Bellomy QB 6-3 189 FR Arlington, Texas (Martin)



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You said it right there, "poor decision making in the few appearances he has made." Gardner will have more experience than Morris will at that time. Anything can happen, but when you have a guy that has been in the system for a few years against a true freshman, the more experienced guy is usually going to win out. Remember, Gardner was a former 5* quarterback out of high school as well.

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interesting dilemma for the staff.  2014 in state QB who has interest in M, MSU, and Wisky and is highly regarded.  Hoke and company must not be confident in getting Chance that they would be willing to risk losing him to a conference member or maybe they just like Kincade more. 


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I personally would like the coaches to focus on DeShone Kizer of Toldedo Catholic Central. He is probably the top 2014 QB in the Midwest and he grew up as a Michigan fan.


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My thought is this kid looks legit and bring him on.  Good pocket awareness and movement.  Looks accurate from highlights.   Decent arm.   And he can see everthing on the field at 6'4".   I like it!


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Weren't they trying to get a medical redshirt for Gardner?  Whatever happened with that?


Edit: Flamebait??  Ok, I know I'm new around here, but please explain to me how my legit question is flamebait?  Is it that dumb of a question?


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and I have not heard too much about this guy. That being said - he is only entering his Jr. year. Beaver Falls typically has a few D1 prospects every year.


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I completely agree.  This is the first time I'd seen anyone state that Morris could be the #3 in 13'.  I love everything about this kid but I just don't expect him to be ready day 1.  I also think people forget how highly rated Gardner was coming in.  If D-Rob hadn't come to M, I suspect we'd be very happy with Gardner.  I think he has a chance to be very solid, a great leader and great mentor for Morris.  If so, we've got the best of both worlds. 


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If Morris beats out Gardner AND Bellomy in 2013, I for one will be very surprised.

Have any of you seen Bellomy play ?  Don't discount this kid.... and regarding Gardner, he'll have a multi year headstart on Morris. In fact, I expect Morris to be redshirted.

Recruiting hype is very overrated.... people always assume the latest and greatest, will beat out the guy before him.   Not knocking Morris here for any sob sister out there reading this.



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Why are so many people down on Gardner?

He looked like a young, inexperienced QB that was overly amped up in the handful of plays he ran this season. Maybe because that's what he is. He's got all the tools, and spent 2011 learning. He'll probably spend most of 2012 learning and practicing too. I think there's a good chance that Team 134 won't need Morris, because they'll have an outstanding QB with a strong arm and the legs to make defenses pay for rushing him.

Sounds like the coaches are fairly high on Bellomy's skills too. If we want national championships, we want Morris to be able to redshirt a year and then not play his RS freshman year ... and then own the Big Ten for the next three seasons.