The Week That Saved The Program

Submitted by New Carr on November 6th, 2010 at 9:32 PM

Well, it was a strange game and looked like so many others we have lost in the past few years.  Close, not capitalizing in the redzone, defense getting gutted, making horrible errors, penalties, drops, and turnovers, and a Denard injury.....But something was different....We actually caught a break....the hemingway tip TD miracle.

Sure, numerous holding calls on Illinois were miss...I mean jesus, roh was practically raped a couple times.  But with all the ups and downs, we actually won one of these coin-flip games.

This coupled with the vindication of RR and the program's alleged violations via the Free of Journalistic Integrity Press have probably at least saved RRs job.  And the fact is, that may have been the best thing that could happen to the Michigan program.  Instead of rebuilding again and looking for a coach, we will be bowling, getting extra practice, and allowing the youngsters to grow up.  A new coaching staff and uncertainty would have hurt recruiting, hurt our rep as a stable improving program, etc.  Stability is key, and the last week may have just saved us a decade of misery mirroring ND's past 20 years.

What may seem like small victories over a middling Illini team and the Free Press may indeed turn out to be the most important thing to happen to Michigan football in our generation.

Congrats RR.  Finally, a bit of luck, a bit of karma, and a ball (Hemingway's catch in the endzone) bouncing your way.

Now beat Purdue, and dont get run over by meat machine wisconsin too bad.  Start prepping for OSU now, study up...and maybe we can pull a stunner...