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First off, I'd like to touch upon the Ty Isaac snafu. That absolutely positively blew my mind, and it also shocked people that are close to him. I've learned that in recruiting, gorgeous women in Los Angeles and California weather (and snoop dog apparently) can make even the safest bets unsure. I haven't been truly surprised in recruiting in a long time, and that really surprised me.

What can I say guys? In recruiting, you trust the guys who know the area and the coaches, but in the end, even they can be surprised. But hey, on to bigger and better things, eh? I've returned to you at the turn of the tide (no pun intended), to help you escape the boredom of no recruiting news. I've decided to do a weekly post, touching on football issues and recruiting. It will start on Monday, but I'll talk about a few things tonight.

  • Henry Poggi- There is a sense around campus that he's leaning towards Bama. It confuses me however, to be completely honest. It sounds like the kid wants to play defensive tackle, and the likely commitment of Maurice Hurst damages Michigan's chances. That being said, the confusing part is that Saban&company are recruiting Henry as a Tight End. So a reasonable assumption, is that If he goes to Bama, then the commitment of Hurst to Michigan had little to nothing to do with it. I think Michigan would still hold a spot for Poggi regardless of this weekends activities. People who I talk to say Saban's professional mentality and toughness, have really impacted Henry's dad. This seems to have overcome potential clashes of personality and culture at Alabama that he is digesting.
  • Derrick Green- I do believe Michigan has a legit shot here. Had they concentrated on Green harder from the get go, you guys would probably be his outright leader. For what it's worth, I don't believe he'll stay on the eastern seaboard, giving Michigan a real shot. I think he's every bit as talented as Ty Isaac, with perhaps better open field running ability, and better vision. Urban wants this kid BAD, but Green's parents aren't enthused with "the worst state ever" not we're they impressed by the recent "transgressions".
  • Laquon Treadwell- I really wish I had some info on him, but with his school not being a traditional power, his HS coaches haven't developed relationships with a lot of other coaches, so it's hard to hear things. For what it's worth, if Michigan isn't the favorite for him after all this, I don't know who the hell it would be.

Come back Monday, and I'll delve into the prep for the game in September, local reaction, and humorous things that only happen in Alabama.



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with some of the typos also?  Not a grammar queen but it took me a couple of takes to figure out what he was saying, e.g. not we're = nor were


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Good insights. Thanks for taking the time to share the information. On Isaac: USC has a very barren depth chart at RB right now too. That's very rare for a program of that stature.


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But I always wonder about the depth chart argument when it comes to positions like RBs and QBs where there can really only be 1 person per position on the field at any time.  I mean, with linemen, you have 4-5 spots where you could conceivably fit in, so kids may think "hey, I might not line up at RT, but I could always slip over to guard if needed."  But with RBs, you are going to have to compete for playing time regardless, and even though USC's depth is less than expected at that position, it's not like you will become the starting RB by default. 

Maybe nothing more than he likes CA, but I just never understood the depth chart argument for kids.


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The Poggi take is interesting since the UM camp (at least at Scout) feel pretty confident that UM is in the lead here.  They have been wrong before (with quite a few guys recently) so I guess we will have to wait and see how this one plays out.


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I couldn't be more excited. TomVH's posts were what got me hooked on this board and to be honest posts like his and RDT are is what this board needs. Glad to have you back RDT!


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To correct something someone said earlier, I never said that EJ Levenberry would commit to Michigan. I simply said that the schools were so evenly matched that it could go either way. People simply took that as saying he was leaning towards Michigan. EJ pretty much confirmed my thoughts with his interview on why he chose FSU. The only one that I'll take complete and utter responsibility for is Isaac.


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but while you didn't say he was going to commit to Michigan, you did say that Michigan led. That doesn't bother me--it's impossible to get everything right, especially with something as fickle as recruiting high school kids--but it is what it is.


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I'd say (based upon what I've heard) I'd say Michigan is the safe bet. His father loves FSU, but EJ loves Michigan. His mother coming on the trip with him to Michigan is a damn good sign for Michigan.

The second recruit is unknown to me right now, but I am hearing that if his Dad likes what he sees, he will allow E.J to pull the trigger. Will that Happen? Hey, your guess is as good as mine. What's is the weather like in AA that weekend? From the people that know something about it, they say that Michigan is definitely EJ's top school at the moment. His Dad does like Florida State, but I don't think it's as much as Mike Farrell says he does. He wants to wait until signing day to decide, that's certain. Having said that, I will say this. For Michigan to turn down Dorian O'Daniel, they had to know something about E.J, and be REALLY confident. Ben Gedeon is a solid prospect, but he's not the kind of prospect that you turn O'Daniel for, Levenberry is. What people haven't mentioned, is that Levenberry and O'Daniel are projected to play the same LB spot at the next level. Gedeon is a bigger kid, and not likely to be used the same as O'Daniel and Levenberry. Do the math.


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I wouldn't feel to bad about the Isaac bit.  I think everyone was thinking UM on that one and was like whaaa? when it did a 180 for USC so quickly.

There's probably no worse bet than guessing where a 17 or 18 year old kid is going to go to college.  Everything is fluid...

One Inch Woody…

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Thanks for the info - I'm not going to post anything snarky because it is not me who spent a ton of time writing such a long and sincere post on an iPhone fergodsake. I will be looking forward to what you have to say on Monday and I truly appreciate the weekly updates!


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You mentioned in the original post that Hurst's decision could have a negative impact for us recruiting Poggi.  I heard that they were recruiting Poggi and Hurst as two different kinds of DT's.  One as a 3 tec. and one as a 5.  I get them both mixed up, I played LB in High school and never learned the difference.  Anyway.......  Do you still think Poggi would be worried about DT depth with the two of them being recruited for the two different DT spots?


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Plus, it's been pretty clearly established that the caoches want to take 2 DTs, and Poggi may have "treadwell status," ie: they'll save a spot for him.

Welcome back RDT... I enjoy your posts and am not hard core enough to take them as gospel.


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In the 4-3 under, the 2 DT spots are nose and 3- tech. 5-tech is the SDE. I haven't heard what spots they are recruiting these 2 for, but it's possible Poggi is being recruited as a 5-tech. I'd be surprised if hurst was since he's a shorter prospect. Maybe they project Hurst as a NT. Perhaps someone has heard something I haven't.


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Like Ive stated before on this blog, I was born and raised in B'ham, Al and I currently live in Vegas. I practically have to watch every Bama game just to have something to talk about when I call my family in the fall. I especially appreciate what you bring to this blog RDT. Thanks homie...


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There are no absolutes in recruiting.  We're talking about 18 y/o kids.  RDT does have contacts that can give the prevailing perspective amongst the high school coaches. If you need something more precise, wait until the first week in February and get your recruiting update then.


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RDT, you don't think Green's good friend being a LB at Ohio hurts Michigan's chances a lot? That was my thought on the matter. He said that he prefers the Pro-style (of course!) but I think that relationship is what's keeping Ohio in it despite having a spread offense.


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I know it's crazy to ask but What are the chances we get Kendall Fuller over VT now that M is in his top 4? I think he could wear the Charles Woodson no. 2 jersey.


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As doughboy references below, Shakey Jake was an eccentric gentleman who was a staple on campus and the surrounding area, who would play an oft-broken-stringed pink guitar and hustle for money. He died in 2007. I saw many times around Ann Arbor during my mid-90s college years.