Week 9 BCS Rankings

Submitted by turtleboy on October 21st, 2012 at 8:37 PM

Michigan comes in at #22  between 1 loss Boise St and 2 loss Texas.

Odd ranking is Oregon falling to #4. To me Oregon is clearly the #2 team in the nation. They run up the score 45-0 in the first half of just about every game and then put the backups in. Maybe they should play the starters for a full 3 quarters and run up the score a little more so the computers can be convinced.

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This is what I came here to say.  This is also a breath-takingly stupid rule.  I mean I get not wanting to encourage Bret Bielemaing, but the idea that Ohio's win over Purde and ours (to take one example) represent equivalent accompishments or team quality is absurd.  As Sargin says point spread is the only thing that actually matters in evaluating a team's quality.


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I wonder if the rule is even necessary. I don't know how the other systems work but Massey discounts large spreads. You might see teams getting an advantage running up the score with a late TD in the final minute to win by 10 instead of 3, but you would gain very little running up the score in a blowout.

Basically and very roughly, what he does is determine the probability that you were actually no better than the other team but won by luck. Once you've demonstrated clear superiority you get full credit for the win, and that's all you get. 42-0 or 56-0, there's almost no difference.


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This is why the 4 team Playoff is going to use a Selection Committee.  Not everything is neatly programmable into a computer.  A Selection Committee would see the merit of Oregon in a way that mere stats don't project.



Perkis-Size Me

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I do think Oregon should be #2, I think they're a better/more complete team than Florida and Kansas State, but by comparison to Florida and Kansas State, Oregon hasn't beaten anyone of any real substance yet. Granted, Oregon still has plenty of chances to beef up its resume when they play Stanford, USC and Oregon State, not to mention likely USC again in the championship game, but right now, Florida and KSU have played and beaten the tougher opponents.

I feel pretty good about Oregon making their way to #2, though. Florida will not beat Alabama in the championship game, and KSU, even if they go undefeated, doesn't have to play in a champuonship game. Here's to hoping Oregon stays undefeated. I have no desire to play them in the Rose Bowl, assuming we make it there.


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I really don't give a shit about polls. They cease to have any meaning when Notre Dame is so highly ranked. Six gift turnovers lead to a lopsided seven point win; a clear-cut overtime touchdown that never was going to be allowed by NBC... er, I mean... Jesus; and a narrow escape against a game, but obviously WAC-like group of 28 year olds, and that makes you top five? Shoot I guess, that makes US top five then. I mean, they almost lost to us!

If anyone but Bama or Oregon are in the title game, either hell has frozen over, or the NCAA has finally decided to open the blind eye it has turned toward the two schools (That would be the same thing I guess).


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Is legit. They have an outstanding defense and are well-coached.

This is their best team since Lou Holtz coached there because they have the capacity to keep other teams, perhaps even more talented teams, out of the end zone. Reminds me of the 2002 Ohio team.


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What's everyone's thoughts on Ohio the University's bowl placements if they run the table. They have a nice non-conference win @ Penn St. 


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Little Caesar's Bowl against a 6-6 B1G team. If they lose more than one game or lose badly to Kent State, they'll be in the godaddy bowl against the #2 team from the Sun Belt (WKU?)

Even if they run the table convincingly there's no way they can qualify for a BCS bowl. Despite playing Penn State they're 173rd in strength of schedule at Sagarin. Think about that for a minute...there are only 124 FBS teams.


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77.  For context, that's worse than any B1G team (Penn St. is 71)--it would be a typical ACC schedule.

Teams in the BCS top 25 with worse SOS than Boise:

  • Florida St. 96
  • Rutgers 98
  • Louisville 105
  • Mississippi St. 119
  • Ohio 173

Whoever Ohio plays in a bowl, they'll likely be an underdog. The only B1G team Sagarin or Massey would favor them against is Illinois. Illinois's not going to a bowl.

That's if OU goes to a bowl at all. It's maybe also worth noting that the Sagarin predictor currently has them sixth-best in the MAC. They've struggled lately against, really, really bad teams (like UMass).


Sione's Flow

October 21st, 2012 at 10:48 PM ^

Oregon should be ranked #2, but I can see the argument for Florida, they've been beating everyone put in front of them.  They topped LSU which I didn't expect and then made South Carolina look really bad.  I knew when UF hired Muschamp, that it was a good hire, but his second season is making this look like the second best coaching hire in that time frame.  The first being Dave Brandon's hiring of Brady Hoke!