Week 8: Best thing you saw...

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More pretenders eliminated this week.  Fleck's Broncos keep rolling.  Big win for the fighting Durkins.

So, if you'd asked me at 7pm, I would have said Darboh's catch in traffic, and the throw into traffic by Speight.  Or the INT by Thomas.  Or being incredibly focused in a should-win game the week before a must-win rivalry game.  Probably the latter.

Mike Legg's Score-O goal from Friday (saw it today) is also a legit contestant this week.

A half hour ago, I would have said either Leonard Fournette (presently 254 yards on 12 carries through 3 quarters - 12 CARRIES) or the Cubs winning the pennant for the first time in 71 years (wasn't sure I'd ever see it happen and it deserves being the best thing).

But...there's a reason I didn't start typing this until zeros in Happy Valley.  It needed to be the best thing I saw before I could say I saw it.  Seeing a 20-point dog beat the #2 team was the best thing I saw.

As an added bonus, now we've seen how the Buckeye O can be slowed/stopped, we've seen how their D can be beat, and we've seen that special teams can be beat.  And we have Harbaugh and staff to exploit it all even more in November. Until then, win and advance.

What you got?



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OSU falling!  Best thing by a mile!!  I haven't seen UM's game yet, but the Iowa-UW game was a good one, too.  And it was fun watching Durkin's MD team take another one away from Sparty.  But OSU losing to a nobody like James Franklin was just poetic!

UM Fan from Sydney

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I saw some people say Meyer should be fired. Jesus fucking christ. Damn those idiots' expectations. They expect to be the Alabama of the north. Fuckers won a title two years ago. I cannot stand how spoiled that awful fanbase has become. What did they expect? OSU lost 87 guys to the NFL last season. Yeah, there will be some growing pains the following season. They are such morons.

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Thank you for posting. I rarely wander over to 11 Warriors but when I do, trying to find the meaty content is like drinking from a fire hose. They post so much worthless meaningless content it's impossible to find anything worthwhile. I guess they've decided to go with the quantity over quality strategy. 


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Far and away, at least this week, it would have to be the furtherance of Michigan State's descent into a very sad season indeed, as well as Ohio State falling to Penn State in no small part due to what I thought was some very conservative playcalling. I have a feeling the poll discussions will be interesting tomorrow as well, but yeah, we can all go to bed very pleased with how this day went. 


October 23rd, 2016 at 12:24 AM ^

Penn State win.

Firstly Ohio lost.

Secondly, we go to #2, with less threat to not get seat at playoff table, so Harbaugh has less pressure to run up score and reveal as much.

Thirdly, the bastards at Ohio HAVE TO ROOT FOR US PRIOR TO THE GAME!!!!!