Week 7: Michigan Offense 9th in BIG10 (YPG), 8th in rushing (haha, Indiana, beat you!)

Submitted by markusr2007 on October 14th, 2013 at 11:24 AM

After week 7, Michigan total offense is ranked 8th in the league (396 yards/game) and 8th in rushing (1,039 yards).  Michigan's rushing performance is not quite 100 yards better than pass-happy Indiana.  Let that idea detonate in your brain for an hour.

What? Hurray! The three best total defenses are yet to play on the schedule!!! (MSU, Iowa and Ohio State)



UofM Die Hard …

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that sucks...why you do this?!?! haha


I see some people asking for  more D. Green, he will get there but right now its frustrating for me to watch.  He is a beast physically and should be punishing people trying to tackle him.  Our O-Line is not working right now but make them pay for tackling you.  I just feel he needs to run with more anger...probably just me though.




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But but but we don't have 5 RS All-American blue-chip seniors starting on the O-line like Indiana does.  How can you expect us to get over 1 YPC?  You have too high of expectations.


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I'm shocked we are that high in rushing. Must be Gardner scrambling yards skewing the numbers.

And yea Indiana's running backs gashed Penn State for about 6 or 7 yards a carry where as we got swolowed up in the backfield about 30 or so times on zone stretch runs.

snarling wolverine

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We're also averaging 39 points per game, which is our highest average in forever.  We've scored 40 or more points in four of six games.  Strange that you "forgot" to put that in your OP.

Our tailback-based ground game is a weak link, yes, but the offense as a whole can still move the ball and score. 


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Offensive scoring stats by BIG10 teams usually are at your "OMG highest average in forever!" right around week 6 or 7. Not at all surprising either, right after the Wolverines have dined on low calorie MAC opponents for the first 3 or 4 weeks.

Let's revisit your "highest average in forever" once Michigan wades into some decent defenses on the schedule. They just ran into Penn State (ranked 17th) , but must face MSU (1st), Iowa (9th) and Ohio St (15th).

I predict Michigan will end up far below it's 34 pts/game average of 2012 this year.



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According to Massey the teams are ranked as follows (for defense) -

Penn State (35)

Indiana (104)

Michigan State (10)

Nebraska (53)

Northwestern (52)

Iowa (27)

Ohio State (37)


Given this data; one could assume that with the exception of Michigan State, Michigan should be able to score pretty easily against all remaining opponents.


FWIW Michigan is ranked #24 in offense according to Massey.