Week 3 Chicken Littles vs Pollyannas betting thread (for charity!)

Submitted by reshp1 on September 11th, 2018 at 9:59 AM

First thing's first, Week 2 bets:

-Michigan covers 25.5 pt spread (lol). "truferblue22" owes $20 to ASPCA

-Michigan wins by 30 or more. I owe $30 to big bros big sis

Here's how it works: post a first level comment with a quantifiable stat or other metric, take the over or under, state an amount you're betting, and finally the charity of your choice.


-Michigan will score more than 40 points

-$20 to Chadtough

Let's limit it to the game of the week (SMU Fighting Craig Jameses for this edition). The season long bets were too hard to track. 

If you see a bet you'd like to take, reply to the first level comment with a "I'll take the bet" and your charity of choice. Only first reply is valid unless OP wants to take multiple bets.