September 7th, 2008 at 6:12 PM ^

the best is that notre dame still got 3 after nearly losing to sdsu who was humiliated by cal poly. will notre dame still get votes when they go 3-9 again?

Tim Waymen

September 8th, 2008 at 12:40 PM ^

ECU should be ranked #2. I'm serious. Well, kind of. But they have the two best quality wins in all of CFB! They absolutely crushed WVU, who should be at least decent. From what I understand, the problem is that, for some reason, he's switching to a pass-based offense. I read an article by Phil Steele in which he said that ground-to-air transitions are the hardest and take at least a few years, longer than the transition from air to ground because QBs and WRs have to learn to adapt and new personnel has to be recruited.  Take it FWIW. Whatever the case, at least Coach Stew is a nice man and doesn't yell at the players. That's why he's a better coach than Dick Fraud!!

But seriously, Skip Holtz is doing a great job at ECU.  Although they still have games against a well-coached NC State team (that's about all they have) and Virginia, it would be great if they can win out and crash the BCS because it would be nice to get an East Coast mid-major team in there rather than another WAC or MWC team.  Plus, this ECU team has 4 BCS matchups this year against decent teams.