Week 11 Polls & Ratings: AP #15, Coaches #15

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I think the CFP committee will put Michigan above TCU. They were willing to put Bama and ND over an undefeated TCU and their loss might boost their SOS a little bit, but they still have 1 loss with a weak SOS and no key wins. 


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A blown call is not as statistical an outlier as a twice dropped then gifted to punt blocker with 6-man convoy, with no time left on the clock.

MSU was up 12 points with 4 minutes left. Nebraska drove twice on them. The stopped them at the end when they idiotically ran out their own clock, despite being in field-goal range for the win.

Nebraska was also a 2-6 team heading into this.

Bottom line, MSU was riding last year's hype train (a la Auburn and MANY others), and was cutting it too close all year against mediocre teams.


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I really think if we beat Indiana by a decent margin and win on the road at PSU, we could be ranked somewhere between 10-12 by late November for The Game. And what a game that is shaping up to be!


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Fact is the voters have just been waiting for MSU to lose a game all season long. They've looked like crap since opening against Western. If they had played like a undefeated team is supposed to in a decent (at best) conference, they might've been in the top 4 going into the Nebraska game.


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Seriously. Coaches poll is horses***. OSU is still #1 and Clemson is #2? And Wisconsin is ranked above NU? That should tell you how much they watch Football. Alabama just demolished LSU.


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Proof that the coaches poll is a joke?

 Roll back to MSMoo's three point win over Purdue--PURDUE!--at East Lansing, after being favored by over three scores.  The coaches poll comes out after that weekend and MooU gets ONE first place vote!!??  The person who cast that vote?  Pitt's Pat Narduzzi.

I rest my case.


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They aren't terrible and we are playing them on the road. We have had a few mental lapses in the past couple of weeks and officiating that has given games away. Nothing is a safe bet it seems.


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I understand your point, but Indiana gave up 55 points to Rutgers and even RR and Hoke never lost to them. I fully expect Harbaugh and his staff to be able to exploit their weaknesses on defense. Also, Mattison has seen their hurry up offense plenty of times and should be able to handle it.


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I totally agree with this.  Everything else does not matter.  Indiana is actually a dangerous team that we could lose to if we look ahead.  Week by week.  If we win the Big 10 championship I;m pretty sure we are in the playoff.  

Perkis-Size Me

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Amen, brother.

I don't think we're ready yet to take on the likes of Alabama and win, but a trip to the Rose Bowl against maybe Stanford, or hell, exercising some demons against USC or Utah, would be pretty darn sweet in year one of the Harbaugh era.

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Yeah, the polls only mattered in the event of a 3-way tie breaker in the Big Ten.  Now, that can't happen.

If we win out and OSU beats MSU, then it's just between Michigan and Ohio State, as God intended.

If we win out and MSU beats OSU then it's just between Michigan and MSU, and we are SOL unless Penn State can take down Sparty.

But it can't be a three way tie no matter what (unless we all have 2 losses and that's just too weird to talk about.



November 8th, 2015 at 12:45 PM ^

Using Massey projections on winning probabilities, we currently have an estimated 22.85% chance of winning out and a combined 48.44% estimated probability of going 2-1, with the most likely scenario among those three a loss to OSU, a scenario currently estimated at 31.55%. If you had asked me if we'd be looking at projections like that in August, I probably would have said "no". 

turd ferguson

November 8th, 2015 at 3:21 PM ^

To play this out a little further, our clearest path to the BTCG is winning out and having MSU lose at least one more game.  These probabilities aren't independent, so this is a little off, but here's roughly what Massey would say:

UM beats Indiana: 85%
UM beats PSU: 64%
UM beats OSU: 42%
MSU loses at least one more game: 85%

Probability of all of those things happening: 19%