Week 1 upsets

Submitted by Chi-Blue on August 29th, 2012 at 12:14 PM

So as the season kicks off tomorrow night are there any games this weekend that you think might be upset specials? Leaving the Bama game off the list any other games where upset looms large?

I like Auburn to beat Clemson with Clemson not having super-soph Sammy Watkins and still feeling West Virginias foot in their butt.

Wishful Thinking - Number two, you guessed it! BSU at MSU on Friday night. Yes at Sparty stadium, MSU Def is very good, and BSU lost almost everyone. Enter one of the best football coaches in the land Chris Peterson. This guy can coach and they will be ready, it happens every year. So much rests on the performance of Maxwell. I think its close and BSU wins a close one 20-16.

Any others???



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that IMO, you're wrong. I won't EVER root for ohio to win. That is unless it benefits Michigan. Also, the only time I'll root for Sparty, is under those same circumstances and when they play ohio. Pretty much the same goes for ND...though they aren't a Big Ten school.


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Nope, I want them with a record where a loss in the Game will cost them something. All those wins in the 1990s were made ever more sweet by the fact that they cost OSU undefeated seasons, shots at conference championships, etc. This is made more complicated by the conference championship game, but I want OSU good enough that a win comes with painful costs.

I don't care what MSU does, as long as we beat them.

I hope ND loses every game they play.


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I agree with the record going into the game.  I want us both undefeated every year going into the game against tOSU.  Then I want to put up 70 on them.

For MSU, the good times where when John L Smith brought them into the game 4-0 or 5-0 against us.  Then Carr basically ripped out Smith's heart and showed everyone the blueprint to beat State and they just collapsed for the rest of the season.  All through Sept all the State fans were coming out the woodwork and chirping about they'd beat Michigan but by Nov you couldn't find a single State fan in the state of Michigan.  

Chester Cheetah

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Unrelated to OP but a couple weeks ago I saw an MSU on tRCMB (I know, I know, I shouldn't go there) and they were circlejerking themselves about how they're just like USC in the sense that they will schedule anyone at anytime citing Boise as an example.  Then they went on to talk about how UM was too afraid of scheduling Boise as if they had completely forgotten we were playing Alabama this year.  

I'll say Vanderbilt upsets South Carolina. 


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I can see Northern Illinois beating Iowa but I don't know that it constitutes an upset.  NIU is getting top 25 votes while Iowa is not.  Still, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Hawkeyes lose Saturday.  I do not think Vandy will beat South Carolina.  I'm taking SC with the points. 


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Northern Illinois is replacing their record setting QB, Chandler Harnish along with almost their entire offense save for their two starting wide receivers. Even if Iowa can't field a RB with intact ligaments, they should still be able to get it done with an above average defense.


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Wait are you seriously going to the game? Way to rep Team 133 and all, but admittedly this seems strange to me. Considering UM isn't playing, I have to agree you will in fact be the only one repping the maize 'n blue


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I'm going with OU over Penn St. And maybe even Toledo over Arizona. On a side note, is anyone else intrigued by the match up between Arkansas St. and Oregon? Even if Gus Malzhan's team gets blown out of the water, I think it will be interesting to see what kind of team he fields against the ducks.


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Boise hits state like a hurricane. The terrible weather leads to mistakes by Alan Maxcells and Chris Peterson takes advantage. Is it so hard to believe that Boise's understudy outplays coupons?

Urban Warfare

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Terry Bowden is going to surprise a lot of people this year.  UCF plays OSU in Week 2, and I wouldn't be stunned if they neglected to prepare for Akron so they could focus more on OSU. 


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What do people think about the potential for  SMU to upset Baylor on Sunday? SMU doesn't have a frightening defense, but they have a decent running game that might give Baylor some trouble. Baylor has Nick Florence, who has looked serviceable in the few games I've seen where he took snaps, but if Baylor rolls out the sort of defense they displayed in the Alamo Bowl, this one might be morbidly interesting. 


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I agree. I'm intrigued by the Boise St./MSU game. Boise State is always tough. They've beaten every big name team they've played too. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they win Friday.