Wednesday Night NCAAFB Open Thread Hawaii @LA Tech

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on September 30th, 2009 at 8:02 PM

For no other reason than there is football on. Hawaii LA Tech is either -5.5 or -6 that I've seen. Noticing the zoomed in angles on the crowd already to hide empty seats.



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I started a dynasty with Tech in NCAA '08 for PS2 and won a couple titles within the first 4 years, prompting the Big 12 to invite me to join the conference (and kicking TTU in the process), whereupon I won 2 more MNCs.

I think I got tired of winning and quit playing that dynasty.


September 30th, 2009 at 8:11 PM ^

There was a LT fan holding up a "move the chains" sign on a Hawaii 3rd and 4 earlier.

I'm predicting multiple picks from LT tonight. This Hawaii QB stares down every receiver. If that guy is covered he goes into deer in head lights mode.


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Our National Nightmare is over! Wednesday Night Football is back. And, rejoice everyone, more good news: Tuesday Night Football returns next week when Middle Tennessee plays Troy.

Oh yeah.

Anyway, it should be pointed out that Hawaii was not favored in this game. It was La Tech -5.5 or -6.


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Is it just me, or does a Wednesday night game featuring Hawaii seem stupid?

They had to have flown in Tuesday, or at least I'd imagine. It's at least a 9 hour flight from Hawaii to Dallas, but I assume they fly right in, so probably 9.5-10 hours. With time changes, if they left at 7am, they'd get in around 9:30 or 10pm at night. I doubt they fly over night and disrupt players sleeping schedule the night before the game.

The flight back wouldn't be as bad, as leaving around 8am gets them back around 2pm. But still, that's 3 days of class missed.


September 30th, 2009 at 8:55 PM ^

Hawaii has been on the mainland for a couple of days. They stay in a Dallas suburb for two nights and go through final practices there.…

But, otherwise, yeah its stupid to have them on a Wednesday. Hawaii needs to be on at 12:30 Sunday morning every week for the late night chase special. Thats where it belongs

OSUMC Wolverine

September 30th, 2009 at 8:50 PM ^

Long balls intercepted inside the 10 yard line are about the best turnover one can commit. As far as turnovers go and the chances of scoring on any given drive, this in terms of field position is a pretty good deal...if it has to happen. Not in the present case, but I always love when DBs intercept the ball 40-50 yards down field on a fourth and 10 play instead of knocking it down...


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have a uniform with more blue? I can swear as a child I saw them with a Red jersey/Blue pant uniform, or something to that order? Anyone know for a fact?


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I can't believe mark may thinks that there should have been a flag. It wasn't late, didn't appear helmet to helmet. Looked good to me. Maybe they should start wearing flags. sheesh.