Weber and Hill visiting campus today

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I have had my #CrystalBall on #Michigan since July 7th for Weber, and I feel good about that choice:

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) August 6, 2014

Confirmed that #Michigan is hosting 2015 RB Mike Weber and 2016 CB Lavert Hill today. Weber's 4th visit in 2 months:

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) August 6, 2014
Wolverine247 has confirmed reports that both 2015 running back Michael Weber and 2016 defensive back Lavert Hill are visiting Michigan. Weber was originally supposed to travel to MSU this afternoon, but is not making that trip. While the Wolverines trail the Spartans in his Crystal Ball race, momentum clearly looks to be on Michigan's side at this point.
Should we buckle up?



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Expectations tempered.  It could always be a courtsey drop-by to break bad news in person, then a drive up to East Lansing to give a verbal to Sparty.  Praying that isn't, but still.....cautious optimism, with the emphasis on cautious.




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Maybe this is just a lack of understanding of the recruiting process of my part, but I'm somewhat confused by the visit.  What is there left to see and discuss?  I mean, hasn't he visited campus like half a dozen times?  From what I've heard he's talking to the coaches weekly.  I mean, whatever it takes, but I don't get why this recruiting process continues. What's left to figure out other than potentially what the teams look like on the field this season?


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Well, let's say you really like this other person and you know they really like you too, would you suggest not seeing each other and not talking to each other?  Would you commit to making this person your significant other without talking to/seeing each other?

I think maybe just relaxing and taking the fact that Weber is visiting as often as he is as a really good sign.


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Do you really think dating and marriage is similar to recruiting and chosing a school?  For one you're assuming I dislike and/or am frustrating with him visiting which I am not.  Not understanding something and being frustrated by it are two different things.  I am in the former, not the latter.  In addition, as I noted in my post, it's been established the coaches are talking with Weber weekly, so the idea of not talking to each other doesn't makea ton of sense....ahh what the heck it doesn't matter.  He committed!!!