Weather ruins first UTL game for Lacrosse (Cancelled)

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on April 18th, 2013 at 7:50 PM

Michigan's annual game against Detroit which was supossed to have been the first night game in lacrosse at Michigan Stadium yesterday was on weather delay twice.

UDM led 4-3 early in the second period before the game was ultimately suspended and the fate of it was supossed to be announced today.

Well earlier in the day, Michigan & UDM decided not to continue the game and just cancel it. Michigan now only has one realistic chance at winning a game this season and it's Saturday against St. Joe's. Then they will go on the road to Denver for the season finale. (Will be final game since only top-4 make it to ECAC Tourney)



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Yeah, that's a real big bummer.  That was our best chance at a win this season.  Hopefully we beat St. Joe's this weekend and don't end the season with a goose egg.


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No way he's on the hot seat yet.  First recruiting class are freshmen, so really this year's team is the start of the varsity era.  Contrast that with the women's team, or some of the other new D1 men's teams, that had two years to recruit and get ready with only D1 players before playing.  JP still has half a roster of club players.  Good ones, no doubt, but most were not D1 caliber recruits and none of them were turning down offers from the big boys.

Recruiting is going very well.  According to Laxpower and Inside Lacrosse they have 14 kids coming in this fall, including some studs like Mike Schlosser (Inside Lacrosse called him potentially the best midfielder in the country), Robbie Zonino, Ian King and Austin Shanks.  The 2014 class looks to be pretty much done too, and they have 7 2015's committed.  If you read their write ups on the sites that cover such stuff, a lot of them chose Michigan over some very good lacrosse schools.

They don't even have their own facilities yet.  Look at the difference the PDC and Crisler made to basketball.  Lacrosse has literally nothing of their own.  When their facilities get built recruiting will take another step forward.

Brandon has to understand the situation.  If they are around .500 in year 5 that's good realistically, assuming they keep playing a top 20 schedule.  It took Notre Dame 10 years and new facilities to go from mediocre D1 program to final four.  And that was a program that had already been D1 for 20 years before they finally started stepping it up.

It's really too bad the Detroit game was cancelled.  It was probably going down to the wire.  St Joe's is a good opportunity this Saturday, but UM only has two days to prepare while the Hawks had all week.  At #1 Denver next Saturday will not be pretty.


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Or even Beilein having to rebuild the basketball program. This is starting a sport from scratch, with no history, tradition, or facilities, in an area with not much emphasis on the sport. The only reason there IS a program is because of the coach. If it took Beilein 5-6 years to bring a tradition rich program back, he's going to need that and more for Lacrosse.

Bando Calrissian

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This. The lacrosse program could have gone on for a decade dominating the club level, but instead Athletics took a chance and bumped them to DI knowing there would be pretty shocking adjustment period. Lacrosse is a sport with a decided pecking order and a storied history in its historic hotbeds, and we've gotten in at the ground floor with club-level talent way outside that footprint. This isn't something Michigan is used to doing. It will take time, and that's been the understanding from Day 1.

To Athletics' credit, they're putting a lot of energy into building buzz around the program, even if it's an uphill battle on the field.

L'Carpetron Do…

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Recruiting doesnt matter if we can't keep kids on the team.  There are at least two legit players who were recruited and who are on campus ( I think) but  are not on the team.  That is not good...

Lacrosse is not all recruiting.  Michigan should still be able to compete.  Even the club program was recruiting for years before going varsity and Michigan was always able to coax some D-1 talent away from east coast programs.

This really was the only chance left for a win.  St Joes is 5-8, probably not gonna happen.



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The program was not "recruiting" though, because they couldn't offer scholarships (or D1 competition) and we did not have kids on the regular turning down scholarships to come. Who on the team now did we coax away from easy coast schools? And who are these great lax players we have on campus that aren't on the team? I'm not calling you a liar, but it sounds like you're making stuff up when you make claims but don't back them up with specifics.

L'Carpetron Do…

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Matt Graham, a highly-touted, All American recruit from Chaminade on Long Island, is conspicuously absent from the roster.  

Emil Weiss ,last year's goalie, is no longer  on the roster either.  As good as Logan has been, Weiss was just as good.  Think I would rather have a sophomore in goal than a  true freshman.  Just hope we dont start with another freshman goalie next year.

Dutton- O'Hara and Francia transferred from St Johns and Villanova respectively, both decent programs.   Gaughan was recruited by Navy, Penn State and some other east coast schools as well and I think  a handful of other current players were recruited by other teams as well.

Back in the day we had at least 5  kids who were recruited by  varsity teams and  that was with no recruiting, weight room access, academic help or other perks.  So I thought Mich would have had a better talent base to build on than Marquette, HP, etc.