we took our 1 yr old to the cincinnati game and it was awesome

Submitted by chickenpotpie on September 9th, 2017 at 3:49 PM
you might remember the thread where i asked if we should take our 1 yr old to the cincinnati game. most people said we were some combination of insane, selfish, and maybe trolls. we were in section 21, row 39. you might have noticed us, but probably didn't because she literally didn't fuss once. slept through the first hour, was happy in her carrier the rest of the game. a guy behind us said: that is the best behaved baby i've ever seen, and i'm about 110 years old. my point is that it can be done. don't let the naysayers convince you it'll be a hellscape. go blue!



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Pre-movement/pre-potty training is the best time to take a kid. baby bjorn...bottle..nap.. poop in a diaper (i.e. Don't have to run up the stairs to wait in long bathroom line 5 times) .. all that probably makes it the best time to go. But still..this was for you-not her.

Glad you had fun--for me, on my couch in San Diego...that was friggin painful as all hell.


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I and multiple others have mentioned our own positive experiences with this sort of thing repeatedly. Everybody should stop pretending its a miracle when it works out. It just takes some planning ahead and the right kind of child of the appropriate age. I mean, for one thing it's incredible that people continue to be unable to distinguish between a 1 year old like this kid and older toddlers who move around more than 1 year olds do.

Cock D

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She was strapped to my chest and slept most of the game. And since she had a ticket, there was more seatspace for the other three of us.

The whole time through diapers, it was easy. Challenge came around 3 when we couldn't simply diaper up and go.

However, we got a camp toilet for her so she need not use the portapotties at AAGO. Inside the game, she uses the ladies room with mom or the family john with me. Under this arrangement, she did 4 hours of tailgating and the whole 2015 MSU game. Game sucked but I was proud of the kid at the end.

TL,DR: any age is doable with the right kid and right parent(s).


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Good to hear. Glad it turned out well for you.

I think we were, in retrospect, just too afraid to do it. Of course, my daughter was 1 year old in 2007 and my son in 2008. It was a weird time for Michigan football, as you surely know. 


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The coaches and players are going to be criticized for this performance, which is a damn travesty.

Chickenpotpie is the reason the team played so poorly. Thanks for bringing your kid to the game and almost causing an upset.


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You still took a huge gamble, that wasn't necessary. Glad it worked out for your sake, but the decision was still suspect and you wasted money for a ticket and experience your child will never remember


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Let the guy brag about his pointless accomplishment. Bravo sir. I reckon it was similar to when I took care of overly drunk sorority girls. Make sure they're well hydrated and keep calm and quiet and most of all, no puking in the big house. Bravo sir.

Fab and Fresh

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You asked for advice. You kind of has to expect some people to say it was a bad idea. No need to come back and make another thread just to rub a few people's noses in it. And then proceed to reply to every single comment. You are being very in-your-face about something that could have easily gone the other way.

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I see your point, but I would argue that this post isn't bragging or gloating; rather, she's simply following up with the board to say her 1 year old had a good time.

Consulting an online forum about bringing a child to a football game isn't something I'd do, but I definitely took notice of her first post...and the suggestions in it helped me plan for my kids first game.

Perhaps a post conveying a positive experience for all involved will help more parents in their decision.


September 9th, 2017 at 4:13 PM ^

Pointless accomplishment?

My parents took me to my first Michigan game at 3 months old and that's something I can be proud of for the rest of my life. I literally went to the FIRST Michigan game I was alive for.

I returned the favor for my son the first game this year.

OP was simply sharing that he had a good experience with his 1 YO at a game in the Big House. Why give him shit? His post could encourage other parents who are on the fence to bring their children (if they think the kids are up to it). I just don't understand the hate.