We only talk about coaches who coach for Michigan

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While many of you on here and on other sites are planing on performing seppuku on yourself after learning that a true Michigan Man, Brady Hoke from San Diego State University, will now lead Michigan back to being an elite football program, let's keep in mind that "we only talk about coaches who coach for the UM football team."

Brady Hoke is a Michigan Man. He is the head coach. If the players are fine with it and Charles Woodson is fine with it (among others), why the hell aren't you fine with it?

The majority of you have never coached before. Many of you never have played the game before. Yet many of you seem to think you know better than the AD and other seasoned coaches. Maybe you do but until you can show you know how to run an AD department and coach a football team, you might want to ease up on your hate filled comments about Hoke.

Brady Hoke has a very difficult job ahead of him. Such a job that other very talented football coaches didn't want to touch. That says a lot about how low this program is and how UM is viewed in the coaching community.

Hoke is a solid coach who now has the opportunity to build the foundation of becoming the next great college football coach who saved the UM football program. Everytime you diss hoke, you spit on Bo's Grave, in Mike Hart's face and on Tom Brady's golden locks.




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a standing ovation tonight, when they introduce him at the game (if they do).  The football  program needs to know that we support our coach, even if he wasn't the choice we desired. 




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The instantaneous turn-around to badgering RR supporters is really tiresome. It's going to be a lot easier to come around to Hoke and build up the hope (embrace the delusion?) that he's going to be an excellent coach who leads us to multiple Big Ten championships as soon as posts like this stop appearing. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we still support the Michigan Wolverines, even if we have reservations about the coach. In truth, this is like going back to what I've known Michigan fandom to be: I grew up with Lloyd Carr as coach and witnessed the decade of embarrassment as I became an adult. I cheered the team then, and I'll do so now.

P.S. John Leguizamo sucks.


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My point is RR supporters are now known as people who supported RR, or even better, Michigan supporters. I was probably too harsh. Just tired of the emo whining already.


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It will help what, exactly? I'm still not sure what you're getting at. I'm not trying to convince myself that Hoke is a better coach than RR, or that RR is a bad person or anything like that. I feel content to continue liking him as a coach and rooting for him so long as his teams aren't playing against Michigan.

As for the reactions, keep in mind that all four of those guys were Carr recruits, though. The essential support will be from RR's two classes, and I haven't read anything about their reaction yet.


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A loud cheer is good. I like that they didn't boo or anything, but would this team actually boo a coach? We saw this past year that they're filled with character, so I can't imagine that happening. Some of the responses sounded more like "man, it's nice that we finally know who the coach will be" more than "man, I love Brady Hoke!" That makes sense, of course, since they're unlikely to know a lot about him.

As for Grady's tweet, I have the same hope as he does, but I think that boiled down to hopeful optimism rather than known confidence. Whether they all stay will depend, rightly, on actually meeting Hoke and getting to know him. Like you say, we'll find out more in the coming days.


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Ya know, I've heard enough emo whining from RR's detractors here for the last three years to last a lifetime. I find it funny that people are already tired of it.

I really appreciate what you have done with the videos, but this sudden turn-around by people is one of the few things making me laugh these days. The media has already begun - that will give me a bigger laugh, and in truth, is something I look forward to. Imagine picking up a paper with some slim hope of finding an intelligent article instead of a hit job. Just reading Wojo's tweets is a hoot.


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I like Hoke. I like his style of football.

This isn't about Hoke, it is about all the people who, after not supporting the coach, and thus, the team, for the last 3 years now find it necessary to tell anyone who ever felt a positive thought for RR that they have to support the team now.

To those people I say, welcome back. We are glad you are back as Michigan supporters at long last.


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Dude, I supported RR from day one until the day he was fired. I don't think you've been paying attention. Search YouTube for Rich Rodriguez and see what comes up. AFAIK Pahokee wasn't a pipeline built by Lloyd and I'm not one of many I'm sure who are logging in with new or secondary IDs today.


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more. And it really isn't about the corch, it is about the team. Those people who have been negative for the last 3 years were part of the problem, not part of the solution. I don't care how new their screen name is. I'm keeping mine, along with my avatar collection. I don't think Lewan is going to stop collecting donkey hides.

physics guy

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What would have happened if Lloyd Carr had retired in 2002 instead of 2007?  Bo would have still been alive and Michigan almost certainly would have hired within.  And the leading candidate for the job would have been DL coach AND assistant head coach Brady Hoke.  If you think that's unlikely don't forget htat Lloyd himself got the job in 1994 essentially the same way with no head coaching experience at all.  That was eight years ago.  Hoke's gotten a ton of experience since then.  Let's see what he can do.


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Thinking about it that way actually helps with the settling process.

ETA: It will be hard to forget what could have been with that super sexy HC that we were with, even if it never really clicked when we were together. But we're with someone else now, and that's in the past.


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People are upset because 3 years ago we took a gamble that 'good' wasn't good enough and we were willing to take a risk in order to become 'elite'.  For this we all suffered through a painful transition.  

To those who believed and saw light flickering softly in the distance, it feels like we gave up too quickly on this dream.  Regardless of how you felt though, Hoke represents not only the end of that dream, but signifies another imminent and painful transition.  It's probably why everyone's pissed off, no matter how you stand on any of these decisions.


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"Such a job that other very talented football coaches didn't want to touch. That says a lot about how low this program is and how UM is viewed in the coaching community."
The OP and many others just didn't want to admit it then...

Hank Scorpio

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Of course you support the new coach. All people tied to the program should always support the coach. Suffice it to say that hasn't happened the past 3 years.

Look where that got us.

But I have to admit that I cringe a little bit when I think about what I expect Hoke to run offensively vs. the makeup of the current roster and what's left of the recruiting class. For the same reason Rich Rod did, Hoke will likely be cramming a square peg into a round hole in 2011. Hopefully there's enough talent remaining to overcome another change, but I can't say I'm overly optimistic.

Go Blue!!!!


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I did a little research on The Incredible Hoke's last season at SDSU. His team went 9-4, but his losses bring me some hope.

Their first loss was to Missouri, 27-24. Mizzou finished 10-3 and ranked #18 in the AP, and the score makes it look like SDSU put up a fight. Something Michigan did not do against ranked oponents this year.

Their second loss was to BYU, 24-21. Yeah, I don't have anything here.

Their third loss was to TCU, 40-35. We know that TCU went to be undefeated and ranked #2 in all polls (insert playoff/BCS comments here). Again, SDSU made a competitive game out of one where you would expect them to get their asses handed to them.

Their fourth and final loss of the season was to Utah, 38-34. Utah went to 10-3 and just fell out of the top 25 as the next one in. SDSU made this one competitive too.

Hoke's last team didn't get annhilated by the opposition, especially where you would have expected them to. We watched a few games where we basically got ripped apart. I for one was not very excited when I heard the news, but after doing this research I'm willing to see what this guy can do for us. Hell, this is Michigan. I'm a proud alum and am tired of the emotional run for the last few years. Lets get back to the top. I'm all in, again, Let's Go Blue!


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I wasn't happy with the hire, and in truth it will take me a while to get there (winning would help tremendously), but telling me that if I don't come out and say I like this hire I'm spitting on Bo's Grave, or whatever, is stupid. If that's the attitude of all you Hokers then it's pretty clear this fan base will never be united, because as soon as one group gets their way they attempt to alienate the other.

I was a RichRod supporter from day one, I think he should've been given another year... Am I spitting on Bo's Grave because I supported Michigan and it's coach?

The other thing that bugs me is everybody's convoluded definition of the term "Michigan Man" If this term means only someone who has coached or played at Michigan before we are in a lot of trouble... because eventually it will lead to us hiring someone who isn't fit to coach Michigan, because that well will run dry. I'd like to think that what Bo meant in saying "A Michigan Man will Coach Michigan" is that our coaches will be "All In", that they will give it their all and be fully commited to the University of Michigan and more specifically their teams... I'd like to believe it means an unquestioning alligence. By this definition Hoke is a Michigan Man, and so is Rodriguez, Honestly I have never seen a man take so much shit from so many people, been called every name in the book like that, and still be wholly committed to Michigan.

P.S. Don't tell me who I can and cannot support