We have only 69 of 85 scholarship players?

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I was reading Jon Chait's column where he stated this fact (rest are walk-ons). I know we have been talking attrition and everything, but I had not fully done the math and was more than slightly surprised when it is put in those terms. Being 1, 2 or 3 under does not seem out of the ordinary, 16 is ridiculous. Like the NCAA is crushing you under it's heel ridiculous. I want to pull up the picture Brian posted of Jim Leavitt at USF "Can I Haz This Many Playurz?". I mean holy crap, sorry if this is not news to anyone else. All apologies, but Jeebus man.



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This is more of a side note:

Some scholarships have gone out to non-recruits like Sheridan, kickers, longsnappers (not sure if we have any of these left). The 69 he touts is just players signed via the highly publicized recruiting method. Not that the 2-4 scholarships really affect the gap too much. Twelve to fourteen players is still a considerable gap.


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Players like Leach, Kovacs, Heininger, Pomarico, Tony Johnson, North, etc. have scholarships. They're just not guaranteed to be paid for from year to year.

Interestingly, the number of scholarships the football program gives out has an impact on early enrollees. Let's say Michigan has 85 scholarships but only 69 scholarship players. If they give those other 16 scholarships to "walk-ons" (like Leach, Kennedy, Zac Johnson, etc.), then there are no scholarships left for guys who graduate early like Marvin Robinson, Ricardo Miller, etc. So the program kind of walks a fine line between giving out scholarships to kids who deserve it (like Leach) and reserving enough scholarships for any kids who enroll in January.


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All scholarships must be renewed year-to-year. There is no difference between the one Leach has and the one Forcier has, other than that it is a given that Tate's will be renewed. When players are offered a scholarship while in high school, the understanding is that it will automatically be renewed each year (except possibly the fifth). That guarantee normally isn't offered to former walk-ons.


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The scholarships are year-to-year, which is why, for example, a Kevin Leach "fall scholarship" can't then be turned into a Ricardo Miller "winter scholarship."