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Can we just combine this thread and the "Rats of Columbus" thread and the "Urban Hates Us" thread into one giant "We Hate Ohio State Thread to Rule Them All"?


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And they did. And so will OSU. 

But hey, if they want to have undersized linemen who get one less year when they're in their prime, and star QB's using up a year of eligibility doing nothing, more power to him.


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If you read the entire interview, the point is that anybody good enough to see any playing time their freshman year will play that year.  It means that they won't be "saving" players for their 5th year - a common tactic if a team is loaded at a position.

No, that doesn't mean there won't be any redshirts.  It means they will only be used if that player is not good enough to see any playing time at all. 

He did the same thing in Florida - but there were still obviously redshirts.


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And water is wet. So what is the purpose of the statement? And where is it a "common tactic"" to save players who are good enough to play?  Not at any program I've heard about.  Not the good ones, at least.  The best players play. If anything, it's fans who wonder too often why guys are getting redshirted instead of just playing special teams or something.  And it's usually because they don't understand the morale of a team, and how players can see just as well as coaches who are the best players. And if you play guys who aren't trying as hard and producing as much, not only does it discourage the guy on the bench, but the whole team.  So what you're saying Meyer is doing isn't really different than any other well run program, so I don't see the point of the statement then.  Though I guess it can be chalked up to coachspeak...the old we don't promise them a redshirt or promise them playing time...they earn it deal. So if you want to chalk it up as him saying the same stupid things everyone say to the stupid media, I can buy that.  If he or you are trying to say he's doing something different than how other people do it, well, that's laughable.


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"We don't Redshirt because if you need to be redshirted, you're not good enough to play right away. We'd rather you be gone in 4 years to make room for other, more talented players than to give you a chance with a 5th year."


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I mean, schools redshirt kids for a reason. It would be pretty crazy to prefer to get the age 18 season of a kid instead of his age 23 season?

Is it because they think all their kids are going to the NFL?


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No doubt he's using it as a recruiting tool, and obviously it is a lie, there is no chance in hell they wont redshirt anybody. Meyer sells recruits on this policy, and when they dont perform he goes up to them and says "Hey, I know I said that before, but it would be best for you if you took a year to practice." The kid is convinced its the right move for him, and everybody is happy. Kind of a dishonest way to recruit, if you ask me.


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They don't red shirt because they have too many guys in jail, suspended, hung over, or recovering from getting their tramp stamp tattoo earlier in the day


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I thought this was a message board about Michigan athletics. There are more posts about OSU, Meyer, Sparty, Dantonio, etc then there are about UM.
<br>Go read other teams message boards and you will see that almost all of their topics relate to their team.


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That way when they're physically ready to play they only have 1-3 years to prove themselves, and by that time we can cut them for recruits that are better. 

Your teams also lose to Michigan in bowl games even when the game is held in your team's home state, right Urb?


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I wish Ohio State the best of luck with this idea.  If you're going to load your roster with specimens who are ready to play from Day 1, go for it.  Have fun fighting the SEC schools for them.  Have fun when they jump to the pros after 3 years.  

Meanwhile the rest of the intelligent world will be recruiting a mixture of kids who are ready on day one and supplmenting that with guys who require a year of redshirtinng/time in a college weight program.  


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dont get this I mean every team redshirts What advantage do you get by just sitting the bench your freshman year and losing a year of eligability cause old Urban doesnt use redshirts. I mean this is just another dumb thing out of his mouth.


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as an academic institution to remove an AD and President who acted disgracefully in the face of an obviously lying and cheating head coach.  In fact, we now act like this never happened at all.  This has changed our culture, and will haunt us in the end."