We Desperately Miss Devin Asiasi

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It seems to go largely unnoticed by media and fans but the loss of Asiasi is showing up big time this year. Many of our TE's possess similar skills but none block well. Some credit Ty Wheatley with being a good blocking TE because of his size, but they're wrong. He's an ineffectual blocking TE. Played 8 plays vs Purdue and 4 of them came on last drive at mop up time with Peters at QB. Last night we saw him come off blocks that Asiasi would crush people. As an example, watch Isaacs fumble. Ty fails to sustain a fairly simple down block on Bachie who then eludes the block and rips the ball clean. If you're wondering why Wheatley isn't playing more it's not because of the wrap he wore on his forearm 2 weeks ago but because he's got work to do to become a decent blocking TE.



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Where is the we desperately miss Jedd Fisch post? That is the person we can't live without. Asiasi is just one little part of the team, The team, The Team. Where is the creativity in our offense that was a hallmark of every competitive game the last two years? We just got out coached by Dantonio!!!!


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That's something I've been wanting to bring up after the last couple games.  I wonder how much of the regression on offense is due to Fisch's departure.  He might have been a lot more important  to the offensive production in the last couple seasons than we realized.

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He can block some, yes, but 1 TE can't mask the issues of the entire Oline.  

We don't have much evidence that he is a great pass catching threat either, he had 1 TD as did Wheatley last year.  

I still think the TEs are the best position group on offense but with McKeon fumbling yesterday, that doesn't mean much anymore.

Ball security is a major issue on this team. What happened? 


The Fugitive

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Bechton is the starting RT for Louisville as a freshman. For some reason the coaches rotate him and the LT back and forth.  This was pointed out during their game against NC State on Thursday night.

I doubt he's their best player on the line but he would likely be starting at UM based on what we have been and would be valuable depth here at the very least.



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Barrett, a Heisman candidate goes down. Cardale came in and won the Championship

Penn State has walk ons and freshman starting on their OLine

Sparty lost recruiting battles to Rutgers this offseason. Joe Spivak decided to walk on at Northwestern instead of taking a full scholarship to play at Michigan State. Unranked wide receiver Jalen Tolbert “followed his heart” and chose South Alabama.

Wisconsin loses Schobert and Beigel and still churn out sacks and TFLs with a walk-on. They lose the recruiting battle for Bredeson and the running game doesn’t miss a beat.

All these teams find their way to the big10 championship game.

But we lose Speight. Or it rains. Or a starting LT is out. Or Henne can’t go so a freshman Mallett has to come in. Or a DT goes down and we play an undersized backup. Or we miss on a recruit like Justin King, RoJo, Jai Eugene, and now some Devery Hamilton kid. We always find excuses. We always play the “if only” game.


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We need a fucking whole offensive line back from the 90's not one guy playing TE from last years team. We used to pride ourselves with Oline play, that's what's missing. Not a fucking TE who transferred out.


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Yeah you kind of missed the whole point. Everybody knows the OL is troubled. It's been discussed 1000x. Thread wasn't intended and never said Asiasi was chief problem, only that it is a problem and that current TEs don't possess similar skill set. I'll type slower for you next time, my mistake.


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TE is the least of our worries. How about a running back who knows how to block and not fumble. How about a WR not nicknamed brickhands. How about an o coordinator that can call a screen play. TE is not the issue.

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TE is not the SOLE issue certainly, but nowhere is TE the least of our worries either.  OP can defend himself, but I think his point is that Asiasi's contribution would have been more useful, and his loss proving to be more critical in the big scheme of things than a running back who can't block and fumbles, one WR with brick hands, or the lack of screen plays from the OC.  Given all of those factors, the OP is saying that Asiasi's loss is the most crucial.  Not having a blocking TE is having a bigger impact--in subtle but very real ways--than any of the examples you mentioned.  Of course you're free to disagree with OP.  I agree with him.