We are now bowl eligible! I am officially excited.

Submitted by bluewave720 on November 3rd, 2012 at 4:41 PM

In 2001, I watched a November game with a bunch of Michigan grads and we all joked about how brutal it is to get pumped over "bowl eligibility."  One of the gals said "I will kill myself if I ever get excited over being bowl eligible."  Of course we laughed, told her she was awesome, and never thought about it again.  

Until 2008.  And again in 2009.  And again in OT against Illinois in 2010.  After we won that game 700-698, I told myself I would never scoff at bowl eligibilty ever again.

This thread is an offering to the Bowl Eligibility gods.  I understand that religion is taboo on this site, and I respect that.  But I respect bowl eligibility more.  Huzzah!



November 3rd, 2012 at 5:01 PM ^

this team has bowl aspirations. Just not Little Cesar bowl dreams, but larger Pasadena dreams! Now let's hope msu can take care of business in E. Lansing today and draw us one step closer.


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Those bowls were around then (or the era equivalent), and there were plenty of 8, 9 win teams going bowling, but it was the Big Ten policy that Big Ten teams could only go to the Rose Bowl, and not twice in a row. So we got boned spectacularly during the first few years of Bo's career. I believe we went like 50-4-1 from 1970-1975 or so and never saw a Bowl game


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While I am always cheering for Michigan to win the Big Ten and head to Pasadena, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed this year if they end up in the Outback or Capital One bowl as I think we may not quite be there yet to take on Oregon. Plus living in central Florida both of those bowl games are very close by. :)


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It seems appropriate for this thread, so let us review the kindness of the Bowl Eligibility gods in the past:

 - 20 Rose Bowls

- 3 Gator Bowls

- 3 Citrus Bowls

- 2 Sugar Bowls

- 2 Alamo Bowls

- 2 Outback Bowls

- 2 Orange Bowls

- 2 Holiday Bowls

- 2 Hall Of Fame Bowls

- 1 each of the Fiesta, Capital One and Bluebonnet Bowls

They have been kind to us through the years. Hopefully, they are kind to us again. 


November 3rd, 2012 at 8:17 PM ^

I agree with Vegas it's better to end on a good note and beat a good team than to get wiped out by Oregon. Unless we move Denard to RB/WR then we will win them all!


November 3rd, 2012 at 8:26 PM ^

This might be one of those years when I say "screw the February vacation, we need to go to Michigan's bowl game." It might not be the Rose Bowl, but there's something about seeing Denard in the Winged Helmet one more time.