We are looking at getting shiny helmets "like Notre Dame"--Jon Falk

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 3rd, 2012 at 1:49 PM

So I was listening to the pre-game on radio this morning and they interviewed Jon Falk.  He was asked something along the lines of "well even with all new uniforms these days, we'll never see anything change with the helmets will we Jon?"  Falk chuckled in agreement but then went on to say that they were looking at adding a metallic element to the helmets so they "glow" like ND's did, but that it was difficult to add the metallic element to our specific colors. And that we "may see something new next year." Wait, wut?  First I've heard of this, snd I'm sadly not shocked, if true.



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I wouldn't mind this, don't hate me bro.

Not all-out christmas like MSU this year, but something that made the wings stand out.  I think I might really dig that for a game.  Never changing the design or completely changed the coating so that it looks like a compeltely different helment (again, MSU), but making the wings pop out? I'm down.

But then again I loved the UTL uniforms... didn't care much for the MSU away or Alabama uni's.


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eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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There already is small metallic flakes in the maze wings, so they would have to be going really crazy to further it. I am gonna say I doubt that we do anything more than wants done. Seriously, at some point it's too much. Our tradition is conservatism, Oregon has a tradition of changing every other week. College football can have both.


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Is nothing sacred anymore? Where does it stop? Hell, why don't we just piss on other great things as well. How about Arlington National Cemetery and Casino Resort?


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Good, I'd rather see tradition burned quickly rather than let it die slowly.  Hell, get it over with quickly Brandon.  Please, just pick a game and put ads, logos, and all the goddamn marketing you want in the stadium.  Then make the team wear pink girdles, all maize uniforms, black helmets, a mascot, and strippers on the sidelines.  Would that appease all demographics and make you enough money?  I really don't care anymore, I've lost the will to fight this. 

Instead of "All in" or some other horseshit line, why not just be honest... "Michigan: The New Oregon!".  Goddamn you Dave Brandon, damn you to hell.



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Shut up.  Seriously, all of the recruits love this stuff.  Everytime we break out something new everyone tweets about it.  We have to keep up with other teams.  What is so wrong about trying something new, it isn't hurting you so calm down.  You're acting like you forgot to put on your Depends this morning and got stuck in traffic.



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The "recruits love this stuff" line is such a tired one. I have never once found it convincing no matter how many times you people try to convince me it's a good argument. Also, we should not be trying to "keep up with other teams." You're really selling the school short if you believe that.