We are becoming Notre Dame

Submitted by Captain Obvious on November 1st, 2010 at 4:11 PM

MGoBoard-the last bastion of civilized thought in the sports message board world-finally hit a brick wall and has turned into every other sports message board.  Even Brian is calling for certain coaches' heads in the middle of the season, without regard to whether this would actually hurt or help the team.  Where did the patience go?  Where did the rationality go?  Where did the radical idea that coaches and teams should be judged on their body of work rather than a single game go?  When did we stop looking at extenuating circumstances like critical injuries and just start flailing around instead?  When did we start giving up on coaches and players before all the games have been played?

It's entitlement; the same thing that has kept Notre Dame down for years.  We aren't going to win just because we are Michigan.  Parity has come to college football and a large chunk of our fanbase remains unaware.  There's no quick fix.  If we go searching for one soon then our transformation into ND will be nearly complete, needing only another decade of constant rebuilding and unmet expectations to make it official.

I guess I'm the weird one.  I had fun watching the PSU game and didn't get upset when we lost.  I like cheering on the team and my weekend isn't affected by the outcome of the game.  I think there's more to measure a team and its coaches by than wins and losses.  If a college football game makes you genuinely sad and depressed then you probably should find another team or another hobby.  This team will probably make you mad or upset for a few more games this year and many years to come.

To those that have already mentally dismissed the coaches for this year - what if we improve?  Anything can happen in college football and there are still 4 games left to play.  Won't you feel a little silly if we manage to overperform and show signs of improvement?  How about we wait until all the games are played before we give up on the team and coaches?

I know there's at least a few people that think like I do left on the board.  We turned from a majority to a tiny minority overnight.  I wonder what it will take to satisfy this new majority of angry fans?



November 2nd, 2010 at 2:16 AM ^

becoming ND.

However you are becoming Nebraska, Alabama, USC, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, and all the other top tier programs going through a bad spell during a transition while replacing  great coaching.  Michigan wont become ND unless you washout on several coaches and teams over a few decades. I don't think that will happen.

Coaching is just as  important as talent in CFB. All the programs I mentioned still had good talent coming in, just couldn't harness it. I am NOT bagging on RR, maybe he needs more time, maybe not, that's for Michigan fans and admin to decide.  Every program is different. At Nebraska, supposedly Bill Callahan needed more time to recruit his players, yet after he left Bo Pellini won immediately, same with Lou Sabin at Alabama. There might be examples of programs that needed 4-5 years with the new coach before he made them great again.

Whether its RR or somebody after him, Michigan won't be bad forever. It'll just seem that way until it gets better. Words of wisdom from your new division rival.  :)


November 4th, 2010 at 3:15 AM ^

I couldn't agree more with your line of thinking my fellow Michigan fan. You remind me that there are still plenty of rational Michigan fans out there so I very much appreciate this post. Too many people are bailing on the season and the coaches despite the enormous challenges we knew this team faced before the year even started.

I think what happens is that people see a few games that they weren't sure Michigan would win become victories and all of a sudden their expectations go through the roof. Add to that the fact that Michigan has been a top tier football program for years and the expectations get to highly unreasonable levels. Its sad because this is the time to embrace the team like no other. Believe it or not there is still great fun and excitement watching this team perform.

We are rebuilding and it's ok to admit that. I just pray that Dave Brandon has a level headed approach to this situation and sees that successful programs such as Notre Dame that hire and fire coaches at every turn just continue to drag on the rebuilding process. If Dave Brandon starts panicking like some of the people on these boards the past few days, Michigan football is in serious trouble.

Rich Rod has an incredible resume including taking West Virginia to heights never before reached by West Virginia football and yet we have fans talking about firing the guy before he even has a senior class of his own players.  It's scary indeed to imagine that our fan base has so many irrational fans a la Notre Dame. It would be even more scary if the administration gives into these fans, alumni, or media and fires Rich Rodriguez (proven winner with BCS bowl victories and conference championships) in less time than Weis (no college experience) was fired at Chicken Little University.