WCHA takes on a lot of CCHA refs (NCHC too). Rejoice?

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YES THIS IS MY SECOND HOCKEY RELATED POST TODAY. KAZAAM. Plus, it's happier news unlike MSU commitments or Derrick Green injuries

Random North Dakota blog that I subscribe to, undhockey.areavoices.com (super credible sounding right? Edit: Apparently this is the Grand Forks Herald's UND hockey blog, therefore this is more credible than I initially thought), has apparently confirmed the officials list for the WCHA & NCHC. Of note to us is this:


WCHA officials
Kevin Hall (CCHA)
Kevin Langseth (CCHA)
Keith Surgott (CCHA)
Mark Wilkins (CCHA)
Rodney Tocco (CCHA)

NCHC officials
Brian Aaron (CCHA)

I'm pretty sure Langseth and Surgott were two of my least favorite officials in the CCHA so I'm glad the WCHA offered to take them. (Brian devoted a significant part of this post to his hatred for Kevin Langseth). Not sure if there are any Shegos' floating out there.

I think this is good news for the BTHC. Not sure though...

(If you search for "CCHA referees", the #1 hit is mgoblog and the tag "CCHA refs eat their own poo for money")



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WE WANT SHEGOS /obligatory

But this is great at first glance, could totally blow up later once B1G play starts. Wonder if B1G opted to grab some USHL/ECHL/AHL/CHL refs instead of the old college guard


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young guys out of the ECHL probably won't happen, and the AHL almost definitely not. The NHL and AHL both pull heavily out of the ECHL and don't seem to view college with the same proving ground status.

The few officialls I knew in the CCHA (young guys still rising, not old vets) were/are doing those games while they were waiting to get into the ECHL on a more than semi-regular basis coming up from the USHL. Getting that kind of official seems like the most likely scenario along with pulling a few older guys who reached their ceiling in the ECHL.


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I spoke with Shegos last weekend at a golf course where he is a member. He has retired and has no plans on returning.  He has told me in the past that the politics of the NCAA/CCHA became to much to handle.  He did however say that the B1G Conference did contact him but he declined. 

Sac Fly

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Michigan-MSU games were awful. Player safety is priority number one, you call the game tight early and keep control. Sergott kept his arms down all game and it would always get out of hand.


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The WCHA didn't "offer to take them". They were the refs that neither of the other two leagues offered a job to. The fact that so many of the old CCHA refs ended up there is pretty damning in terms of how they were viewed.


Also, for what it's worth, that site is the hockey blog for the Grand Forks Herald, so it's very credible.